Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 83: Intercambio to Utah

Wow, another week has come and gone... I honestly don't even know where to start because I don't remember the week very well... Umm....

Well lets see if there are any questions to answer....

First off, sounds like its Utah with having Crazy Weather! It could just mean we are gonna have another 4th of July with snow for Elder Holt to return home to! That would be just super convenient!! 

Elder Walton to Sweden!! Wooo! Buenas Suerte! I have heard some crazy stuff about the Missions there! hahaha but he is gonna kill it!! 

WAY TO GO MURRAY BOYS!! WAY TO TAKE 2nd!!! Who is the coach now?? I don't even remember.. I mean that is way cool, really though!! 

I haven't' gotten a package yet, but what I was thinking this last Monday was for some more ice hot. It makes it really nice for us missionaries who are sore lots hahahaha but I can live with out it! Its nothing to big! No worries! 

Ummm Yes with the river, we are on the north side of it, in Las Animas. But if we want to go to Central we have to cross it to go there and to write you guys and buy food and what not, also to go to District and Leaders meetings in the Stake Center every week!! So that's lots of fun!! 

Hey you guys should get me on the email list of Elder/Sister Holt and Elder/Sister Hale I think that would be fun to have some more emails here to print off, especially since I am going to be losing some here real fast!! I already lost Cameron, next I think is Elder RyCorn!! 

Anyways now to start with the week!! 

If anyone ever asks... FAMILY HISTORY IS LOTS OF FUN!! Especially here in Chile... :P We kinda well, its not illegal, but we have almost everyone's Number... Its like SSI Number, of Chile because of a system thing that went down for a week  I dunno how long ago, and its really cool!! We are focusing a lot of Family History as a mission and its super cool!! :)

Next?? Well on Wednesday we had a great theme in our District Meeting on a little word I like to call CARIDAD or "Charity" Super Spiritual!! And just a reminder for everyone ya'lls should go and read up on 1 Corinthians 13 so you can have a reminder, especially the Missionaries who just finished... *Cough Cough* Mom and Dad! That way you can take it back to the ward with you next week!! 

I had the chance to get to know a Zone Leader a little better Elder Crotzer! We had a great intercambio this last week! We were in his sector and had some great lessons, and had to do some fun ZL errands around the city as well, so I am kinda  glad that I am still just a District Leader so that I can still have lots of time to teach and what not!! But the funnest part of the Intercambio was we went on a little trip to Utah!! We took some pictures there and so it was super fun!! You'll have to check them out! :)

Then a cool thought was on Saturday Morning we had a lesson at 9:30 in the morning so we left at 9:15 to get there and then all of a sudden we got stopped by some guy, I didn't hear call after us. He told us he was a member from up North in Concepción and that he was here visiting family and that there was a little boy who needed a blessing that night. So we set up a time to meet him on the corner to go with him there!! Well thinking of how fast the day went, we were at our English Class and then at the end of the class like 3 minutes after we told him we would meet him on this corner, HE CAME LOOKING FOR US AT THE CHURCH!! Wow.. Then he took us over to the house and we gave the blessing, and then introduced us to his cousins, and then his aunt! It was super awesome!! Then he invited them all to come to church yesterday. Then we set up a cita for this week!! 

At church he was there yesterday! It was super awesome! Then during my talk, I ended up sharing this exp. with everyone there!! (My talk was on the Obra Misional) So now I have another home work assignment for everyone! My talk yesterday was for like 20-25 minutes... I think, all I know is I felt super bad because the Líder misional didn't talk because there was no time... But I gave a talk and quoted a lot from two talks from General Conference!! EVERYONE WHO IS MEMBER MUST GO LOOK UP THESE TWO TALKS LIKE RIGHT NOW; STOP READING MY EMAIL AND GO READ THE MESSAGE OF THE PROPHETS, ITS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN ONE LITTLE GRINGO IN CHILE! :) The talk of Elder Ballard from Oct 2013 and in this talk he has two big bullet points that talk about the members. Than the talk of Elder S. Gifford Nielson the same conference answers these two bullet points! Go and Read! DO IT! :) 

Anyways, I just want you all to know something. If you are ever Discouraged <--- I FINALLY REMEMBER THAT WORD (I've been trying all day) you should go and read the Book of Mormon!! I was kinda down this past week, and I hadn't read the Book of Mormon for two days... But when I finally read it, INSTANTLY I was feeling so much better! So always remember that!! 

Hey I just want to thank you all for everything that you all do for me!! You're amazing! Thank you for the thoughts, prayers, help, and everything!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I Love you so much!!! 

Trying to make you proud,

Elder Connor G. Holt

The wood that we threw over the fence for like an hour..

 My first "Soapbox" picture.. But here in Chile?? Its on Wood! 

UTAH!!! Oh wait.... did I say Utah?? Sorry, I meant Lluta

Elder Crotzer and I in Lluta

Now we have been Chopping all the wood! Oh it feels great to be holding an Axe again!! 

The Castle! (Watch Tower) I forgot to mention it was the birthday of Valdivia last week!! 463 years!! Wow!


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