Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 81: It Worked!!! (Evil Laugh) It Finally Worked!!

Hey everyone!! How is it going?? I hope that everything is going well!! 

How sad it is to hear that Bro. Wright and as well as Diana Hughes passed away. I honestly had plans to go by and talk to her in a couple months, because she was one of the people who gave me a card when I left wishing me good luck!! :( Also its super sad to think that the neighbor that I loved to doorbell ditch and also who was a leader of us for a little bit of time is gone as well. :/ But, they are both in a better place now, and I can testify of that, it says so in my favorite lesson to teach of the plan of salvation! 

Hmmm a fight in the Super Bowl huh?? Cool. Sounds like it made things more interesting! 

No Snow?? Boy am I glad I am not there this year than, and that it is just making for more signs of snow on the 4th so I can go skiing as well like Brandon did!! 

Package?? I don't think I will need anything BUT the Ensign, I would like to have a copy of that if I could, so I can have my own copy to mark up and use/read before I get home all the talks and what not! :) Although I am gonna be sending a package home to myself next week, so if you could just throw that in my room, and also I sent Nate a letter to our address because I didn't have my address book with me, so they are gonna have to come to he house to get it!! 

Wanna know something Chistoso? Ya, no se ahora when I am speaking Español o Inglés. I realized that this last week, that I am just talking now, and it could be either one.... Its super hard for me to talk now, because I do both...

Okay now you all are asking why I have a wonderful title to this email huh?? Well lets see, lets just go back in time now of this past week! At the start of the week we were in the class of Sacerdocio in church with all the men. We had the chance to put my plan to action. In Ovejeria, the 1st councilor told me that I should go in front of everyone during this class and asked them personally when they can acompañarnos durante la semana!! And Elder Jeppson and I never ended up doing it, so this past Sunday I remembered that and figured we would try it! We got a bunch of citas with the miembros and lots said they would come out and work with us!! I realized we were gonna have lots of work, and we sure did, but we had lots of success!! We had 4 lessons with member and investigadores, and then we had 6 other lessons, like with menos activos in the church and what not, it was awesome!! 

Now here is the story super awesome!! We had Divisions on Friday night. With Hno. Asencio and Hno. Rodrigo! So in the morning we did some service with stacking leña for two hours and it was awesome!! It made me realize how much I miss leña... We are gonna have to have the cold season come again soon, so we can start choppin wood again! (My Favorite Service) Anyways, we went to lunch with an X-Mamita and so the food was SOOO Good!! At the end when we were finished with lunch I looked out the window and saw this couple who were moving in next door, and it looked like they needed help since there were only three of them!! We were just getting served our dessert, Some super Rico torta, when I asked if it would be okay if we run over to ask if they would need some help? The hermana said "No its okay, finish your food." This is when the Spirit came and hit me. Because here in Valdivia we don't have Pensionistas (Mamitas) and so we eat with the members and then share everyday. So as my companion started to share with them, i felt the Spirit that we needed to go. Like it was a different Spirit though. The Feeling of when you have to get up on Fast Sunday to share the gospel?? Yeah where it starts small, and then gets Super Intense, where the moment he said Amen, I was pretty much jumping up and down in my seat, I offered a prayer and said thanks, and then we ran out!! I ran over to their fence and "Allowed." The lady came out, and we asked if we could help, so she went inside to ask her husband, and so we both prayed they would say yes, and she came out and said yes. So we asked when was the best time to come back, and she went back in and we prayed for 7 and then she came back out and said 7! We were super stoked and went home!! As we started our hours of proselitismo we called the two hermanos who we had divisions with that night and had them move to another location where we were going to meet, in front of a different members house who lives by this family at 7:30. Then at 6 we had a cita with Family Veloso  (Este otro familia) but they didn't show up until 7:15 so when we were there around 7. The new familia wasn't there either... So we kinda just sat there until Familia Veloso  came home in a little bit, and went in to talk to them about this new familia!! That they should go over there and introduce themselves and say help them and invite them, when we heard a car honk outside and hno rodrigo was outside!! So we went out and waited in his car until hno. Asencio came, but then all of a sudden a truck came around the corner and it was this new familia with a truck full of stuff to unload!! So we got out of the car, and just hen Hno. Asencio came and so called hno. Veloso to come out and help and so we had 5 more pairs of hands!! We got that truck unloaded super fast!! It was awesome! Then Diego (The man we were helping) said that there was only one more load there in the other house! So Elder Root and Rodrigo went to go teach an inv. and I went with Hno. Asencio with Diego to go load up the truck again! As we finished we came back, and the 3 other guys were still there, so we finished and then Hno. Veloso said that he would love to invite them over to get to know one another! Woot Woot! It was literally the PERFECT way it could have turned out!! 

Then on Saturday Diego ended up driving past us in his collectivo and then honked at us, it was awesome!! At night we went over there with Hno. Uribe to talk with them, and the mom of Diego came out and thanked us for our help the night before, when all of a sudden Diego came around the corner with another truck full!! Woot! So we had 3 sets of manos mas to help out, then we cleaned out the shed and helped put things in there!! It was another hour and a half of work, and we got all dirty! It was fun!! In the end we had the chance to invite them to church, but they didn't end up coming!! 

Last night, my companion.. Well we went to the hospital... Hahaha so we were walking along and I was telling a story of something, and we were both looking at the ground when all of a sudden I looked up right to see when my companion Cut his head on a little roof that covered a Gate entryway and it was super funny, then he changed sides, and then poked his head, and then we saw that all of a sudden it was bleeding, pretty bad. So luckily we were right in front of a members house on the other side of the street, and we went and talked with Hno. Carvajal and he told us that we should go to the hospital, so we were there, and Elder Root, ended up getting his head glued! So that was fun!! Hahaha but he is alright!! :) 

Anyways, that is what some of the miracles we have see here in Chile this past week, and we are getting ready for another week like the last!! Thank you for all the prayers that you have all given me!! I Love you guys all so much!! I hope that everything goes well for you all! That you can see the blessings I have asked for everyone!! :) 

Also Scripture of the week?? Alma 58:40 yeah them Stripling Warriors are great!! I Love em and want to be JUST like em!! 

Trying to make YOU Proud,

Elder Connor G. Holt

This kid was TIRED
Ha we are making the Members tired by working so much with them now as well! ;)
Macheti de Diego! No Mas Elder Holt... Ninja Holt
Elder Root in the Hospital last night


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