Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 20:Days become Weeks, Weeks become Days

Hola Personas de los estados unidos,

Wow Holy Patonie, what an AMAZING week! Can I specify one thing I said last week?? When you work, Life is GREAT! Like I really don't even know where to start!! We have had so much awesome experiences this past week!! 

First sounds like you had a good 2nd Thanksgiving like we did! Please give my regards to Grandpa and thank him Very much!! Can you guys also find the picture that I took with him the night of my setting apart and send it to me por favor?? 

Mom, way to be a Missionary! Also, tell Sister Olsen that she is a champ for following the spirit as well! Never be afraid to share the Gospel, the worst someone can do is say no. We need to always be inviting people to partake of this wonderful Gospel that can Bless the lives of everyone!! 

Singing in Priesthood was fun! Apparently we weren't suppose to go to Priesthood if we didn't have an investigator, but since the Las Vegas Barrio (ward) and Camino Real had a choir they needed us four elders to sing, so we sang Onward Christian Soldier, and Elder Whitaker and I sang a duet in the 2nd verse! That was a lot of fun! The kid has an Amazing voice!! Ummmm I want to try and sing something during our Sacrament before I am transferred! 

Yeah, holy cow, that package came soooo fast!! I wasn't expecting that, hopefully well... I can't say that or it would give it away! So yeah.... Nevermind! :)

No Necesito mas axe, por que hay axe aqui in chile. I don't need any axe because I can find all the shampoo and what not products from America that I like here in Osorno, now when I am transfered to a different area, I may just need some...

Yeah I will talk to President about Google+ in my interview with him, if it is before Christmas, if not I will just email him before Christmas and ask him! 

My card?? Destroyed, Lost all my pictures from the Mission and before the mission.... Yeah I am kinda bummed. But there is a computer wiz in the ward who can probably get them back, I am Praying, but if not your right, I am here on a mission, not for the pictures. If I wasn't on a mission I would probably be furious! But since I am on a Mission, its probably why I am not super mad!! 

Okay, this week... Lets start with the Chalk activity last Monday, that was Super cool!! Daniela bought me a note pad and some crayon type things to draw the pictures of sun sets I did have, but now I have to take new sunset pictures, but she is an artist, (hence the reason we invited her) and so we drew the Plan of Salvation on the street, and we had many people stop and ask us what we were doing, and we ended up having these kids help us! It was a lot of fun!! Ummmm then we taught a couple lessons with it! We asked the ZL's if we could change our weekly planning on Thursday to go redraw it, because everyThursday there is a fair by this street where most people from Rahue come to! So there would be a lot of people to see it, but they didn't let us, so we are hoping for maybe this Thursday

Then on Thursday we had a good lunch with Mamita, it wasn't Turkey, but the Chicken was super good!! Ummm that night we had an awesome lesson with Daniela's family! It's really funny, they are the only family I have seen so far that has an xbox, and her sons of the age of 13 and 8 always want me to play Halo 3 with them hahahaha but sadly I have to politly decline. :/ Oh well there is always xbox live in a year and a half right?? ;) Anyways, we ended up having Once with them, and then getting to know them better, and giving them a Book of Mormon! It was super awesome! I think we are planning to go to an old person center this week with Daniela because she wants us to share our message with someone she knows! So I am super excited about that, and the Delgado Family are going to invite them for a Family night!! Yeah!! We forgot it was Thanksgiving until about 10, so we forgot to order Pizza.... :/

On Saturday was the Priesthood and Adult Session of Stake Conference and so all the elders in the Zone came up, we ended up having 2 elders from Reo Negro and 2 of the 4 elders in Purranque stay in our house, so we went from 4 party animals to 8 party animals! It was an awesome night! We ended up buying Pizza that night, but it got there late, so we didn't get to bed until midnight! It was super fun!! 

Yesterday still Amazes me when I think about it!! We had lunch with the Famila Azocar, and Hermana Azocar is a menos activa and but they are sooo awesome!! Hermano Azocar works in Puerto Montt and so he is away from the family all week, and only home on the weekend, but right at the end I felt a prompting to ask him to help us with a lesson. So I asked and he said sure! After I realized that Marta (the house we were going to) was a member and we really didn't need him, but I still felt like it was right to have him with us! So the time comes and we pick him up and go to Marta's, but when we get there her Mom says that she isn't there, so we end up asking if we can give her a small message, and she said sure! So we go in and sit down (Marta and her Sister Nicole are both Menos Activas and their Mom isn't a member) Nicole joined us as well! We ended up giving a message on the Book of Mormon, and EVERY time Hermano Azocar spoke I felt the Spirit SOOO STRONG!! It was So cool!!! Then right at the end after we had challenged them to read some parts, I remembered the first time I really prayed about it, it was when Brandon told me about what he told his investigators to pray before thank Heavenly Father for the opportunity to read and ask for the Spirit to be there, then read, then pray again and ask your questions and find out if it is true or not. That was the VERY undetailed story of how I first felt the Spirit of God. Anyways, I was planning on sharing that, but then Hermano Azocar starting talking, and he shared pretty much THE EXACTLY SAME THING!!! It was SOOO COOL!! Ah I Love this Gospel!!!! :)

Wow, I honestly don't know how to describe my feelings, like that is only half of the week, but we worked SOOO hard! The ZL's and DL were both Amazed by our Numbers, I AM amazed by our Numbers! And you know what? This week is going to be JUST as good if not BETTER! 

My name is Elder Connor Holt, I am a Servant of God and I bare Testimony of Jesus Christ, I know he is our Redeemer and our Savior, and the only way to get back to live with our Heavenly Father again, is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Te Amo Mucho, and can't wait to talk to you in about 3 weeks! 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt

Plan of Salvation

Elder Whitaker, Daniela and me with our Marvelous Plan of Salvation

The little fuzzy caterpillar on our doorstep yesterday

Last night's sunset-GORGEOUS

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