Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 21: Utah's Snow/Osorno Burns

Hello! :) 

So this has been another great week of teaching! Just wait to get started with all of the fun stuff! 

First off your letter;

Yepp, sounds like the good ol "Holt's Internet Problem" hasn't been fixed, so I am thinking that after 2 or 3 years of this problem its time to change companies again??? No se, but just a guess! 

8. inches. of. snow................ Boy how jealous I am! I dunno the next time I will ever see snow! Probably not until I get home! But that is crazy!! It doesn't even feel like Christmas here...

Ally told me last week about the Choir, I didn't get a ton of info on it, but sounds like it was awesome!! Man, the directors must have a lot of money if they fly every single week!! 

Couldn't see the pictures. So you'll have to send em to my photography email, or attach em a different way! 

Yeah, find out about the tie, so I can figure out if I need to send a new one of not! Cause that is a bummer if he didn't get it!! 

Grandpa is a Stud! Tell him to hang in their for me and Spence! Tell him I Love him to though for me!! Also, picture?? How is the status of the picture from the night I was set apart with him????

Elder Whitaker is from South Jordan! Sorry I have meant to bring that up for 3 weeks!! 

The Food in Chile, well.... It really is basically the exact same as in the States, just add Mayo with everything and you have Chilean food! But with Mamita, she makes like 5 different dishes, Pasta (my favorite) a couple different dishes with chicken, lentils, and a dish we call slop, which is kinda just everything together! But it is super good, and its always a 3 course meal! 

No. Decorations?!? Now you are starting to sound like Chileans!! What do you mean no boys?? Brandon only lives like 30 minutes away from home! Yeah he is super busy, but come on mom, now our house looks Chilean! Since no one has lights up, and hardly any decorations on the inside!! 

Okay, well that is all that, let me start with last Monday the Zone leaders called and told us that we were Beasts right before we went out for proselyting  hours! Then on Tuesday morning the AP's called us and congratulated us and asked us what we did! So that was a lot of fun! Then this past week we did just as well!! 

 God definitely knows that we want to work here in Camino Real. Last Tuesday we were just walking trying to find a contact's house, and Elder Whitaker looked over at me and said, I have a feeling we are suppose to be here, I dunno why, but yeah... Then we found the contact's house, but saw it was part of the Las Vegas sector, so while he called the Vegas elders I turned around and saw some flowers, and so I started to take some pictures, and when he was done with the phone call in his head he was thinking "More pictures... Really??" hahahaha but he pulled out his camera and started snapping some pictures as well! Then this guy stopped and asked us why we were taking pictures of these flowers? (They were really small and ordinary) Then we got into a conversation with him, and he asked us if we have religion classes, he wanted to learn more about our religion.... Do we have Religion Classes.... UM YEAH WE DO! We set up a lesson the next day at the church, taught him the Plan of Salvation, and then set him up with a Baptism date of Dec 28th! Sick!! Then on Friday we taught him the Restoration and he asked about the Word of Wisdom, and has taken both on super well! And he came to church yesterday for priesthood and sunday school, he had to leave before sacrament, but he'll get that next week!! His name is Jovanni! 

Then later in the week, we met this old lady named Olga who runs a store, and we went and bought juice from her, he grandson *Jovanni* was there are we started to teach the Plan of Salvation, long story short, afterwards we started to bring up Baptism, and they both accepted for January 4th! Hopefully that goes through, but afterwards Jovanni ran in and grabbed a Book of Mormon he had, and so he has been taught before which is awesome! Hopefully he is ready now! 

We finished the week on Saturday at the house of Daniela! It was awesome to be with them! I Love their family so much! Both sons tried to get me to play Mine Craft with them, which was SUPER tempting, but I was just down to watch them for a bit before we had Once with the family! I am hoping we can get them to come to church before I leave the sector, I think there is a big possibility I will be leaving in 3 weeks at the next Cambio! Wow... That's weird... This cambio is half way over.. Where is the time going?! 

Then yesterday after lunch we went over to the Delgado's and helped them set up their Christmas Tree! That was a lot of fun! Kinda trunkie! But super weird since its like 80 here, speakin of, I got sun burned on my nose the other day since I forgot sun screen hahaha but my tan lines are showing up fine!! 

Anyways, today we have been dealing with all the federal stuff of Chile, I got my Visa this past week, so I went and applied for my carnet today and that was a good 4 hours of the day! But now I just wait, and I am a citizen of Chile for a year! Woot Woot!! But that's what the picture of me is of, the first one, was for my Visa, and the second was for my Carnet! They don't smile here in Chile, so on my second one (the left) I pulled the eyebrow up to make it more fun! ;) 

Anyways, that was this week, sounds like everything at home is awesome! Thanks for the letters and emails, support is awesome!! I Love you all, and hope you have an awesome week!!!


Elder Connor Gordon Holt


This guy is my Grandpa in the mission, he went home today, but has been my Zone Leader for the past three weeks! Grandpa meaning he was the trainer of my trainer, and he is going to be going to BYU in January! His name is Elder Correa.

Our house with Elder Jauregui, Elder Menesses, Elder Whitaker, and me with how long we have all been out. "No Se" means I don't know 

My art skills with drawing haven't gotten any better, but that's what I've done so far with my new art set from Daniela 

Merry Christmas from Elder Holt

My fed pictures from today/

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