Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 22: We got Baptized!

Yo yo yo what's up?! Sorry that it is later then normal, technically P-day is over, but we just got back! So now we are writing super fast!! 

This week has been super awesome!!! Like Always!! But first..

Elder Correa was only my ZL for like 3 weeks no more. 

Um no idea on transfers, I won't know until the Saturday before transfers which is Dec 28th

For Christmas, I really have no idea the time difference between here and there... I think its 4 hours now?? So I was thinking.... I dunno like around 7 for you guys?? So its 11 here?? Or I am not sure, but on Christmas, we have the opportunity to call the 24, 25, or the 26th but I want to do it on Christmas, because it will make Christmas that much better! Also, we have the Okay for Google+ so you don't have to pay more for a group skype or anything and Ally and Jed can be on from Texas!! But to figure out what the time difference is next week, in your letter, tell me what time you send it, and I will compare it to the time I receive it here!

Other than that, sounds like things are crazy, Dad blew my mind with some of his wildlife facts, sounds like some people are gonna get some awesome info this ski season! Super Jealous you get to ski!! and Ally wrote me an awesome email, said they sent me something! That is exciting!! Thanks Ally, you didn't need to, but this Missionary LOVES mail!! :) 

Ummmmm okay, so first off, we found out that the spiders we play with are Brown Recluses!! Woot! That's fun! So I got a picture of one, after getting it out of the hole!! :) 

 lets see.... On Tuesday we were sitting at lunch and then all of the sudden the phone went off, and he looked at it, and it was the North AP which is our AP and we were joking around it was a Sober cambio, and then Elder Whitaker said "Yeah he is right here" and hands me the phone, so I got away from joking mood REAL fast! When I said hello, I got a "What's Up Man?! How are ya?!" And I recognized the voice, it took me a second, but then I realized it was Elder Walker!!! It was super cool!! They had zone conf. So he called me! :) It feels like I was with him AGES ago!! When in reality, it was a month ago! Where does the time go?!?!

Then we had Zone Conference this past week, that was a lot of fun as well! We got some Awesome info on contacting, and then after lunch we sang a bunch of Christmas Songs in English!! Christmas Spirit! 

That night, we decided to use a method they taught us, (which we were already using) and went to talk to a lady, who was selling a Malpuchi drink (Malpuchi are the native Chileans, like the Native Americans to USA) It was eh... Anyways we got into talking with her, and she somehow came to the conclusion that God is a Brain. It was SUPER Funny, but we didn't laugh until AFTER the lesson, but then she came up to both of us, touched our head, and our heart, and said we were baptized for real.... Right.... Hahahahaha some people have the CRAZIEST thoughts...

Lets see... Then we are preparing for an Awesome Talent Show with the ward this Saturday!! So first off, mom I need you to add Camino Real on Facebook, anyone with the last name of Delgado, Chaipul, Diaz, or Mayo! Then you will get a lot more pictures, and videos from Here!! I can't tell you what we are doing, so you will just have to look it up on Facebook after Saturday! :) 

But yesterday we had lunch with the first Jovanni, (yes there are two) the first at a members house, and we found out he now has a Goal of being baptized! His baptism is set for the 28th of December!! Woot woot!! The only thing is, at this moment he lives out of our sector, but he wants to move into our sector!! :) 

Then last night we had an AWESOME lesson with a couple who we contacted week one of this cambio. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and then the guy went from Not believing in God, to when can we come over next?! It was super awesome!! 

Today, we went on a day trip with the family of Daniela! That was super cool! We saw a lake and 2 water falls! and a National Park! We were on the Border of Chile and Argentina! We met a woman who lives in this super old car and has a facebook page for it! So you will have to go check it out! But she let us get in and take a picture, lets just say, its smaller than a smart car... We drove CRAZY fast on the way home! 170kph woot!! Mom you would have died.... I might move to Chile one day, because they are SUPER laxed on the road laws... ;) Ummm the National park had hot springs and it was a lot of fun!! Lots of Awesome Pictures!!! 

Anyways, we gotta go back to work hard for the Lord for another week, so have a wonderful Week in Utah, and where ever else you are at! 

Love you all! 

Elder Connor Holt

Our Spider friend the Brown Recluse

President Rappleye and me at Zone Conference

Daniela and her boys at the lake. (Husband is on the phone)

Really small car that an Argentina lady drives all over South America

Her facebook page

Waterfall #1

Waterfall #2

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