Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 24: Feliz Ano Nuevo

Hello everyone! :) 

What an Awesome week last week was!! Soo to start us off... I got the pictures of my Super Cute Sobrinos! But I can't print them off, so I would like a couple copies X favor! :) That would be super Amable! 

I am just gonna go through the week, On Christmas Eve we had an awesome Christmas Party with the Family Gonzolas, they are Awesome!! They invited our Golden Investigator Geovanni over and we partied all night! We ate MEAT just like on the 18th of September!! It was super awesome!! :) We were aloud an hour more, so we got back to the house at 11 that night, that was a lot of fun! Then here in Chile, since they decide to open all the presents at Midnight, we got to bed at 11:40 and I was awake until 1 or 2 probably because all the neighbors were outside riding their new bikes and screaming, with music blasting from the insides of houses, not to mention my excitement for the next morning!! 

Christmas day came around, I woke up and worked out before everyone else was awake, and then I read the Christmas Story in Luke, while everyone else opened their packages and other gifts, then after I read the Christmas Story I opened mine! I was super happy with all my "Toys" this year! ;) Then in Niki's Package I got lots of Dulces de los estados and so lots of people are happy with that! ;) After we got ready to go over to the Chaipul house! So we went over there and called you guys! That was Awesome to talk with you guys, but by the end of the day it felt like it had already been weeks! We stayed at the Chaipul's all day, and then we took off for the Delgado's that night! The Chaipul's and Delgado's both bought us awesome T-shirts! Don't worry we bought them gifts as well! :) 

Thursday was eh... 

Friday I had an Inter Cambio with our Zone Leader Elder Smithson, that was a lot of fun! I got to go to the district of Rahue Bajo, and that was super cool! I got to meet a lot of new people, and it made me realize that I was excited for Cambios because I would get to meet Awesome new people! I also could understand a lot of the people! And I could talk a little bit more down there!! 

Saturday, hmm oh yeah! We had an Awesome lesson with our Golden Investigator Geovanni! The entire time he was comparing the Bible we use in Spanish, to this new Bible, that is in a language of now days (No Thee, Thou stuff) and he was just saying how much better that it was, this was when I really realized he didn't have a Testimony of the Book of Mormon, because it was ALL talk of the Bible, (no wonder he didn't pass his Baptism Interview) but he has been talking about how he really wants to get Baptized!! So after he was done with all his Bible talk, I whipped out the response of "Have you really been praying??" He said yes, but it wasn't with real intent. So I shared with him my experience that I had when Brandon told me about how he taught his Investigators to pray about the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit was there, and he said he would do it, and it was awesome! 

The next day in church I was talking to him and he said that HE GOT AN ANSWER IT IS TRUE!!! WOOOT WOOT WOOOOT!! I was so Happy for him! So we have a new Baptism date for him on the 18th of January! The rest of the day was awesome! We taught a bunch after church! We have some new really good investigators by the name of Claudio and Ampado, they are together, but not married and have a kid about 1 and a half I believe! They know they are sinning, and say they feel the spirit every time we come, so they are planning on getting married soon I believe and we taught Claudio how to pray yesterday and he offered the closing prayer, it was So sincere, and he was a little emotional after! How cool! Then we taught a 13 year old girl how to pray last night by the name of Laticia, she is from a different sector, but her Mom and Sister live in Camino Real, her mom Isabel is a menos Activa and Sister Cynthia is 15 and a non member, so we are trying to see what we can do with them, and they both accepted baptismal date of Jan 25th

Today has been a crazy day! Everywhere we normally go on P-day we just had lines everywhere! Then we stopped in the Office because Elder Whitaker needed to get his Passport/Visa! So while we were in there, I saw this kid who from behind looked like Kevin Hales, so I went to go talk to him, and he stood up and saluted me and then asked "Are you my Cousin?!" It was Elder Gubliken shoota... Can't remember how to spell it.(Elder Gibelyou).. But he was in the office and we talked for 5 minutes and it was lots of fun! So we finally met! I dunno if I ever told you, but Jacie Epperson's cousin is in my Zone also, and he played Water Polo for Bear River! 

But as of this Thursday, the Whitaker-Holt Reign in Camino Real, and because its New Years, my New Years Resolution is to learn Spanish PERFECTLY, since my new comp is form Peru... I am staying in Camino Real for another Cambio! Which means, 3 Latinos and me in the house! Woot Woot! No more Ingles! That is gonna be lots of fun! I am gonna have the time of my life!! But hopefully this will Force me to become good at Spanish!! :) I am not as Nervous anymore, more excited! It will be a challenge, but its just what I need to learn the language, to be able to really help progress the work of the Lord here in Rahue! 

Anyways here are some pictures of this past week as well! It was pretty good! Hope you guys have an Awesome New Years, jealous of the fireworks! We have some big ones going off in Central, but its at Midnight, and I dunno if they will let us stay out till midnight... :/ So have fun watching the New York Ball without me this year! :) 

Love you All! 

Elder Connor Holt

This is a REAL BBQ (With out any BBQ sauce...)

Elder Beardall had a cool picture like this, and so I wanted one with little Black boys too! :)

Christmas Morning! 

The Party at the Gonzolas House

Christmas Afternoon! Whitaker *Almost* got his backflip... ;) 

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