Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 23: Merry Christmas Adam, Merry Christmas Eve mañana, y Felìz Navidad en Miercoles

Hello Family and Friends!! 

Felìz Navidad en dos mas dias! Yo espero ustedes tienen un Bien Navidad con la Familia! :) 

Wow, what an awesome crazy week we have had here in Rahue!! So first off I better answer some questions and ask some that I would like answered on Wednesday! :) 

I do have a Skype account, I think... But I don't remember what my account name is, so I will figure that out today at the Chaipul's when we go drop off our garments today, I will see if I can download the program for Google+ as well then, because we are going to being talking from their house on Wednesday, because it will be a lot better there, and they offered their house back when I first got here to Chile! And time wise, I think 11 sounds great here if you guys are all down for 7 in the morning! Elder Whitaker is planning for 12 and that would work perfect!! 

The fair was awesome!! It actually is every Thursday! People just go and sell whatever they have! So you get fruit and vegies, clothes, turtles, Toilet paper, whatever basically! One of the members has a house there and where we set up the manger was at her house, and then we had the Primary Children be the parts of the nativity, and then we had 10 elders from our zone there singing hymns and then after I got to use my photography skills and take picture of people in front of the manger, and then we got their addresses, today we are going to deliver the pictures and hope to receive new investigators!! :) There are three people from our sector and a bunch from others! :) So hopefully it works!! and then all the people liked it at the end when we sang all the songs in english! Jingle Bells, Rudolph, Let it Snow, and Winter Wonderland! Super Fun! 

Also, since you accepted people on your facebook, will you accept them on MY facebook as well??? Thank you! :) You will see ALL the talents from last Saturday which was a BLAST!! 

Wow, that is super cool with the Missionaries! Sounds like the Switz (we have an Elder from Switzerland serving in our area, mom) had the same problem as me in the MTC, but I Forced myself to eat the nasty food, so I wouldn't die down here, but I haven't had a meal here that I haven't not liked yet! :) So much better in the field than in the MTC! Cami said that she met a guy at BYU that knows Erik as well! So that is pretty cool!! 

Ummmmm about the baptism... Yeah, so hmmm well, there may be a problem... Jovanni may already be a member... We are not sure, we haven't talked to him, but the ZL's think he is a member. So we will find out, besides he failed the interview on Saturday, so we gotta teach him some more, he wasn't as ready as we thought he was, but things are getting super crazy right now... But we have some more investigators!! :) 

You guys are going to be Missionaries as well?! That is super cool! How long do you do that for?? And does that mean you are like how the Hansens were?? Or I can't remember who was like that, but didn't we have someone in our ward doing missions like that?? But that is really cool! :) 

Ummm lets see, what more?? Well on Saturday was the Noche de Talentos, and our acts were AWESOME!! We got a lot of people pumped with our Last one! BUT! I am still not gonna say what it is, because you have to add people on Facebook so you can see what it is! Next week, I'll talk about it, or I'll just talk about it on Wednesday! But it was Awesome! We had 8 investigators there and a bunch of Menos Activos and so we made some REALLY good impressions on people! Okay... I'll spill ONE of them, we played guitars and sang Silent Night, and then Daniela called us last night and wanted us to go central tomorrow and sing in the plaza and she would give candy out to little kids, which would have been AWESOME! But we didn't have time... :/ But how cool is that?! :) Loved it!! 

Then last night we had a Christmas Devo in the Stake Center!! It was super cool!! There was a Bunch of Singing! They sang a song we sang for Accapella my Junior year, and when they sang We wish you a Merry Christmas, I thought about our song from Mads last year!! But they played a video that was about a family and then how they were having worldly problems, but the little girl found a baby Jesus and then the whole family was happy, it was really cool! Loved it! I think it was by Pres. Monson, I am not sure it was in Spanish, and it was SUPER quiet.... But the Spirit was there! Also?? The Christmas Mormon Message is Awesome!! Although it was super weird, because the Stake President said people could film/take pictures and then clap after all the songs, but it was super Spiritual! 

Then last night we had the elders from Purranque in our house so we had another Elder Fiesta!! Super fun! Loved that, two in one month!! 

Today, we went out and finished our Christmas shopping, and a fun fact is, they close some of the streets here in central, because there is SO MANY people and people just walk in the streets! So that was fun stuff!! :) 

But that is about as much as I have! I am SO excited to talk to all of you on Wednesday!! I Hope Everyone can make it! :) 

Don't forget what this Christmas season is ALL about!! Christ the One who was sent to us and save us all! :) I Love you!! 

Elder Connor Holt

The Nativity at the Plaza Osorno, (these are the angels:))

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