Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 37: Baptismal Font of Jecoozi (Spelt WAY Wrong)

Howdy Ya´lls! 

So um yeah, if you didn't read that heading, read it again, because its TRUE! :) But first off, I will get to replying to your letter super fast!! 

Marriage, yeah, its free in the church, but like with the Government, you still have to pay to get married, so if you get married just by signing the papers with the government its like 2 dollars, and then if you get married by any church, you have to pay the government more. Why? I am not sure, so the Government can torture you in the buildings that are ten thousand times worse than the DMV in Utah.........

Ha it was REALLY hard not to say anything about Robb Terry! He was so awesome to see last week! Then he offered to call you guys and I am like... Hmm I have a Mom who would really be happy with that! ;) So I gave him the number, and he was just like everyone else and Loved Dad's number!! :)

"Palo" means stick and when I use it like "I got a palo I have to work on" it means that someone is beating me with a stick saying "IMPROVE" and so yeah, like usually General Conference is full of Palos! ;)

Thank you for the emails! I love reading about my friends and knowing how they are doing, and then using their ideas to improve the work here as well! :)

Sounds like the ward has lots of people and lots of new kids for the Primary! How fun! Can't wait to see my first calling when I get home with the primary or the young mens! ;)

Yeah I will still get to Conference Live! Which means we watch it at 1 pm 5 pm and 9 pm you know its pretty cool! Although the woman's conference is this Saturday at 11AM But I am SOOOO STOKED!!! 

Shoot, sounds like _________ is having a tough training, but from what I have seen in him, at home. This is nothing for him! He is gonna KILL it in England! He has so much Love for the Gospel!! 

Okay, about this past week?? Hmmmm well, first off you know you have an Awesome companion when you have best friends serving in the same Mission! Elder Sommercorn and Elder Webber in Washington sick! :)

This week, has been... Absolutely the hardest week of my Mission, I have seen lots of things, and its funny because Elder Christopherson told Isaboth, the week before her Baptism, that Satan was going to try and do everything and anything to change her mind, but every time we checked up on her, she was even stronger! I started this week off with a feeling I haven't ever had the entire Mission "I don't want to contact..." Then a couple days later it changed and was "I am really missing home, family, and friends," Never been homesick the entire Mission, and then in the end it was "Oh shoot, now I am really sick" SO yeah, It was tough, I then realised it was just the devil messin with my head, since he knew he couldn't do nothin with Isaboth, he was gonna mess with Elder Holt, with Rebellion, (which didn't work) Homesickness (which obviously didn't work cause I am still here) and then finally with a HUGE headache and Stomach ache which I just went home an hour early and slept for 10 hours so really Satan just helped me gain some more sleep hours! *Thanks Buddy* But yeah, it was the Longest week of the mission, and now seeing how fast today has gone, this week is gonna be a Snap! 

But lets see what more? Well how about this? You know that you have a Golden Investigator when you get served a Steak Dinner (Lunch) on the first visit... :) It was awesome! Her name is Yennifer (Jennifer) and has a husband, who we have only met when we contacted them, but we just got to answer some questions and we are going back this Tuesday to show her the Restoration, so I hope we see some progress with her! 

Okay for the Moment you have been waiting for since you read the subject line of my email, ISABOTH WAS BAPTIZED!!! WHOOOO!!!! Yeah, it was so cool! I had the opportunity to Baptize her, and it was funny, I missed one word so I got to do it twice! Then the next day Elder Christopherson confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gave her the Gift of the Holy Ghost! I got to be in on the circle of three with the Branch President! After the baptism, we went to her house to talk with her and her family, because she had lots of family at the baptism, and we are going to see more baptisms here with her family I believe! It is going to be awesome!! After I baptized Isaboth it was super funny, she sunk into the water, and didn't want to get out because it felt so warm, and I was agreeing with her, because it. is. SOOOOOO COLD here!! All the mountains have snow on them now! But the Baptism was awesome!! 

Mirijam is ready! She passed her baptismal interview this past Saturday and will be baptized the following Saturday that she gets married, we are still waiting for the papers, but the day the papers come, they asked us to be witnesses and then we will go that day so they can get married, them and us, and the following Saturday she will get dunked! :) And filled with the Spirit!! 

The only thing I thought of this past week that I "Need" is possibly my under armor if Brandon hasn't taken it?? That would be awesome if you could stuff it in a small box for April! 

Oh and Spleeeeeeesh is Not from Holes, that would be Splooosh. Spleeeeeesh would be from Zelda Windwaker :) With the Canon Game! :) 

Anyways... I Love you guys, and just know that Elder Holt is doing Great like always, this week is gonna go by so fast and then I will be here again next week writing! I LOve you all!! :)

Elder Connor Holt

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