Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 38:2/4 (means conferences)

Hola Muchachos! Este Semana fue muy Buena, especialmente con Conferencia cierto??? 

Wow, what an Amazing week! Really though, like I said last Monday, "Its gonna go Fast" and here I am AGAIN. Writing. Again. Wow. Time... Where does it go?? Just like Elder Sommercorn said last week, he and Elder Robins are gonna be at a year next month, and the other Elder Sommercorn hit a year last month, wow. Then like Elder Beardall said, all them Seniors are getting their calls... Wow where is time going?? That was me a year ago....... If I blink it soon will be me two years ago! 

Wow. really though, you guys should see the damage here from the Earthquake.... ha just kidding, I figured I would of brought it up since EVERYONE has talked about it, its cool, THANK you for your extra prayers in my behalf, but next time? Pray that I will feel it, please? :) I would LOVE to see some Action! 

Yeah sorry about no pictures last week, I realized at the end that I didn't send any, I got your back today, no se pre culpe. 
Isaboths family attended the baptism, and after we went to her house to talk with them all, it was really cool, she also invited two of her school mates! It was crazy, because one of them was the Chilean Version of Shaurie Coleman, like dead on... But we got to answer their questions and we are going to see more success from that family I believe! 

We still haven't had the chance to go talk with Yennifer again, but thats okay, we are going to go back this week I think, and the Steak lunch was just because they were having it! So they gave it to us as well! :)

Mirijam if all goes well, will be getting married a WEEK from Thursday and then she will get Baptized the Following Saturday! and yes her Husband is a member!! :)

I have been hearing more and more of David Archuleta, that is crazy so yeah with him going home that puts Murray High School at 3 here in Chile, with Elder Cheshire in Santiago, Elder Adams in Rancagua, and Elder Holt in Osorno. Sick. Then soon Elder Stam in Santiago as well! How sick! 

Hmmmmmm anything more for the package? I can¡t think of anything, more because I don't want to ask for anything else because I have been very "Asky" for the past little while, sorry bout that. Changing I promise! Thank you for everything and I Love you very much!! 

Having a talk in Church, that is pretty cool! Not gonna lie, that was one of my favorite meetings, now I will have to start to think of some good one liners for the ward! ;) 

Okay so to start out for this week, lets just say it was Awesome! First off...

You know you have an Awesome Companion when he can quote the ENTIRE movie Music, Sound Effects, and All of Bugs Life, Monsters INC, and I think we are gonna start Lion King next! ;) It makes for quite the exciting proselyting hours! 

Now, this is an experience super Amazing. This was on Saturday, between conferences, we had a Cita with Roxanna and Robert, and so we went up to their house which was super awesome! We then Found out that her husband has this device that can not talk very well, and his muscles are uncontrolled. So it was super deficil. We were there and we were talking when I got this impression to watch the Mormon Message called "Mountains to Climb" I haven't watched it since the MTC and so we ended up watching it, its not in Spanish, only in English, but by the end, ALL 4 of us were crying (I lost my man card) but it was super crazy! After I testified of Christ and we left to catch the next session of Conference, and if we are lucky the two of them will be baptized on the last saturday in 4 weeks! I sure hope so! 

Then yesterday after the last conference we were going to go to teach them, and they called us two minutes before we reached there house (Random Fact: Its my Half Birthday today) they called us and they said that Robert wasn't feeling well and they were going to go to the hospital, so we are going another day. So at this point we changed our idea, and we went down the mountain as we were walking I got the impression to go to the house of a guy we contacted once, and we ended up talking with Mario for like an hour, and it was a super awesome lesson. We'll see how he turns out in the end! 

Its been a super awesome day! I hope that you guys all have a wonderful week and that everyone can listen to the words of Elder Ballard and come to know that Preach my Gospel is for everyone! :)

Love you All!! 

Elder Connor Holt

1 y 2 Baptismo de Isaboth

mi shadow de la otra dia

4 y 5 los arboles! (Autumn colors of trees)

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