Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 41: Holy Cracy Climate Batman!

Well hello everyone!! Isn't it just a nice... FREEZING COLD DAY! :) Actually this morning when we went into central it wasn't bad, now its a lot colder...

So we definitely have lots to talk about!! 

First off, the shirts, Thank you for buying me more! :) But isn't it ALWAYS the coincidence that when we buy something when we lose something we always happen to find it??? We found our shirts, but still we haven't found the laundry bag, and you're gonna laugh when you hear that they were in the other elder's room, where I had looked at least 5 times......... But we found them this week, and have shirts! But now I can have more shirts, and at this point I am hoping for long sleeves because it is so cold during the days, I am saving those hand warmers for the first day it snows on the ground. We had "Rain Snow" is what they call sleet, that was awesome to see snow in the first time in a year and a half, but it means that its officially cold season... So I'm hoping that we have long sleeves! :) Thank you my loving mother who always cares for me even when I am half way around the world! 

Second, Baptism with Miriam is this Saturday!! Wooo hooo!! Finally! After putting it off for two weeks, its going down!! Elder Christopherson is getting in the water, and I will be giving the gift of the Holy Ghost, which I am pretty nerve wrecked for, because I have to not only give a blessing, but blessings are in tu form, which is super tough for me to talk in..... It'll be fun though!! 

Next, oh man, how letters come at the right time! The Cominsario gave us a call the other day with references for us, and then commented how Elder Holt gets like the most mail in Coyhaique! From girls all over the world!! How Jealous he was, and I still hadn't seen it, because I have gotten like nothing, but I got like 13 letters this weekend which was awesome! I was having a hard day the other day and I got a letter that I read from Brandon which was awesome!! Then I need to thank the Call's for the booklet of Kaylie and Carter that I received like a month ago which was awesome! Thank you! and I got a bunch of letters from friends which was awesome!! :) Thank you everyone! just wait for the replys! :) Also thank you Ally for the updates and the photo that I printed out today and is going in my book with grandpa as well! 

OKay, now since this weekend has been AMAZING!! I got my spiritual high and I am ready for another 6 weeks until Zone Conference! The Last Zone conference with President Rappleye.... :( 

We started Friday with Interviews with President which was awesome!! I had some leadership questions to ask him about, and he helped me out with those and told me to read D&C 121 and make a list of Do's and Don'ts for Leadership which is actually an Amazing Section! So if you haven't read it in awhile, go check it out! 

Then on Saturday we like didn't have any time for proselyting at all, because we were working with the District Conference all day! We had the Adult Session that evening and Priesthood right after!! The adult session was Awesome because President taught the Plan of Salvation (My FAVORITE LESSON TO TEACH) and then in Priesthood he taught about meetings like BYC, Ward Council, things like that, and we got some great notes that I will use all my life for those! Then in the General Session on Sunday he got up and said, since I am presiding I want two Missionaries to come up and bare their testimonies and gave a brief description, of a Sister from So. Utah and how she is so Amazing because she left on the Mission with her Mom being sick, and how her Mom just recently passed away, and she is Killing it out here still and didn't go home! Then Elder Dominguez who is from Dominican Republic and that is where President Rappleye STARTED the church there! It was super cool! After, he had Miriam get up and bare her Testimony which was so inspired because, no one really knew her for some reason, and she wasn't ever going to give a talk, but she put her whole heart into a small testimony and now is going to be an AMAZING member I just know it!! Right along side her Husband!! 

You know you have an Awesome comp. when he takes losing to Slug Bug like a man... Yeah you heard me. There are Slug Bugs here in Coyhaique, the only place I have seen them. His goal is just to break my streaks of killing him... ;)

After the Sunday General Session we were going to Lunch with a family that their son just got back from his Mission the day of Saturday conference! We walked with him to wait for a colectivo to go to the house! As we were waiting there were no cars coming, and it was Freezing!! So I was praying that a car would come soon, so we could leave and get out of the cold... Then this guy in a van drove past us, and stopped and got out of his car and walked into this house. This return missionary named Geraldo then told us, "We have to give him a Book of Mormon" luckily I had a Book of Mormon in my backpack that we were planning on giving someone else the same day... But we got together and offered a prayer that he would come out soon so we could give him the Book of Mormon. After we finished the prayer a colectivo finally showed up, but now we didn't want it so we waved it on, and after the guy came out again! So we walked and met him before he got to his car and stopped him, and Geraldo knew him, he was the president of his High School. Then we bore our testimony and gave him the Book of Mormon, it was funny because after we found out who he was... He was only the ARCH BISHOP of the region AYSEN!!! Yeah, huge. Chile has 14 regions and regions are like a state in Utah, so he was pretty big in the Catholic church here in Aysen.

Then after lunch we went to the house where we were planning on giving a Book of Mormon to this lady who had asked for a Book of Mormon from us early in the week! It was awesome! Because I fasted on Tuesday that we could find someone prepared to hear the Gospel! So we got there and she answered the door, and we started talking and we explained the book and she asked us other questions and 30 minutes later we had a little lesson on the Book of Mormon and what we believe! So we gave her the Book of Mormon and without us asking, she said "If i have any questions I will write them down and we can talk later" so pretty much said we will be coming back. Golden? I think so! The best part was, when she said "I don't want to join your church or anythiing" and I thought to myself "Not yet" while imagining her in White for Baptism! It was awesome!! 

Really we have had lots of success this week! It was awesome! Can't wait to see what comes of the last week of the Cambio! We find out this Saturday if we go or stay! Guess we'll see what happens, I think Elder Christopherson will leave because he has the most time here in Coyhaique with 2 other missionaries who I think will leave as well! 

Oh I also started another white tie today since I haven't heard anything on the first one, so I sent it out and a picture, that is what the picture is of me with the tie! 

Hey do you guys have a plaque in the church?? If so what is the scripture you guys put on it??? 

Last thing, go check out this website, I  know its not Easter but its Awesome!!! 

I Love you guys so much!! Thank you for everything you do for me, because you really do sooo much!! I am so lucky to be a Missionary here in Chile Osorno where the Missionaries are so blessed to be fed by Members every day except Monday and that I just gotta fend for Breakfast, (no time for dinner) and just to be a Missionary at all. I see blessings everyday, especially to get to serve with all my friends at the same time who are serving, who will be ending their missions soon, and who are just getting calls and will be leaving soon! So cool!! :) 

You guys Rock my world!! 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt :) 

P.S. Mom.... I AM A SERVANT OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! (Just imagine me on a Mountain yelling that to the world. :)

Herbal Tea for warmth

White tie project #2

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