Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 40: Feliz Semana Santa

Holla at yo Yankee! (I feel like I sound like Elder Robbins sayin that...) ;) Random Chilean Fact, some people yell "Ir por su casa Yankee" tryin to be offensivo pere no lo es. It is kinda patriotic to call someone a Yankee in Los Estados Unidos! ;) So I just start to think of the 4th of July with a Big Smile on my face... ;)

Hmmmmm where to start off, haha that is funny... yeah I lost like 6 shirts or something, I dunno, I just know that I have 6 shirts total now, so I just wear three every week, its not too bad, it was funny I was ironing my shirt this morning and realized that it was the shirt that I started the Mission with, which was a shirt that I've had since I was a teacher and has a REALLY small neck and isn't super long, but it was funny cause I remembered that I don't have my shirts and I looked over at Elder Christopherson and asked in a Jokeingly way "Why couldn't you have lost this shirt??" Hahahaha it was super funny! But it is funny, I have come to the sense that there are people in this world that lose things more than me (My companion for example) he has lost quite a few things in our time together and it just makes me laugh now, but I have learned that I have to help remind him! ;) Yesterday he lost his backpack! Ha now that was a funny story! ;)

Can I just tell you how much I hate Pday?? Okay, lie. I Love it, but I hate emailing, because there is just not enough time to talk about everything.... It kills me... What can I start with??

No Jayden and Josh don't send me their emails that is why I asked for them! ;) Chris on the other hand is a stud and has sent me them since day one! 

Well things to start out with, our Branch President served his mission in Pocatello and so he is fluent in English (Thank Goodness) because sometimes I can't express myself in Spanish, he also is an English Teacher in a High School! We have started this new thing with him, where we go in and we help him teach his students! It is awesome! Because we get the opportunity to talk in English! We just go in and talk with them, and we get to be a Missionarized as well! So as we walk in he introduces us as the Missionaries of the church, and then we just get to work! I am just myself with all these guys so its my FAVORITE! Definitely makes me a little trunky for High School.... But IT was awesome, because we switch groups and after the last time, a kid told the teacher after being in my group, "Wow these guys are Awesome!  I dunno why I haven't ever let them in my house before, next time they come to my house I will for sure let them in!" So not only are we helping English, but we are making Missionaries seem Normal which is awesome! So we just gotta start knockin on doors... (HATE CONTACTING THAT WAY) I just Love talking with everyone in the Street! Its my favorite!!

OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!! ELDER HAWKES (my last companion for only 3 weeks) CALLED ME WITH SOME AWESOME NEWS!!! Well, lets just say this past week was kinda a bummer, not as bad as Elder Robbins but, almost ALL of our citas were canceled and we didn't have a high week with numbers... But on Friday things changed when we got this phone call! As I heard the phone ring I was thinking in my head "Sobre Cambio" then Elder Christopherson stopped dead in his tracks and his eyes got HUGE because we saw the name Rappleye. Although he didn't know it was hna. Rappleye because we have a black spot on the phone, but it was just Elder Hawkes which was Awesome!! Do you remember my awesome story of Jaime in Chiloé?? yeah, well... HE GOT BAPTIZED!!! :DDDDD Then this Saturday HE is going to baptize his cousin!!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! If I hadn't followed the spirit and talked with him, I never could of gotten that!!! That is Amazing!!! :)) Made my entire week, and my attitude changed completely!!! 

Another thing?? Thursday was the Wedding and it was Awesome!! I have pictures of that! So that will be good! We got to be the Witnesses and it was just us 4. It was in the government building, nothing to fancy! Then we were planning on having her Baptism this weekend, but there was a District Conference called for Sunday, so President Rappleye will be here for the conference on Saturday night, and now we are going to have her Baptism the 3rd of May and she is just fine with that!! :) 

We have this new investigator named Moíses! He is Awesome!! He is SOOO attentive and sees EVERY little detail, for example we gave him the assignment to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon, and he read more! He was so attentive to the details he noticed the date that when Moroni came to Joseph Smith was September 21, 1823 and then he notices it later on as September Twenty Second 1823 and so he was confused! We searched for like 10 minutes to find it and then all of a sudden we found it and it was on September twenty second 1827!! So it was super cool!! But somehow we got on the topic of Uncle Daren! I then received some big palos, he asked me if I have done all that I can?? How would I feel if he died tomorrow and he still isn't talking to my uncles and my mom?? He said that we need to do all that we can, and I realized how true that was, so I definitely sent him another letter today, since my last letter to him was for Christmas! So now I am going to ask the same Question to my family. Have you done all that you possibly can?? 

We have an awesome member named Monica (She is going to be my Brother Dutzi) she has already told me she is planning on coming to Utah in ten years once she saves the money! But when I first got here, she was menos activa. She was smoking. and she couldn't read because she didn't have glasses. Now? She has glasses. She quit smoking. She CALLS us with questions like was Joseph Smith and Joseph F. Smith the same person?? Like she is a Completely different person! I think of the scripture in D&C that says when you bring someone into My fold how great shall be your joy, but if you shall bring more souls into My fold then really how great shall be your Joy?? 

Well not only Monica is back, but Isaboth is AMAZING! We went to their house yesterday because they didn't come to the activity OR church and we were thinking shoot, she is our convert of 3 weeks and is going less active... NOPE! As we got there, her mom Sandra told us she was with her dad, and she LOVES Seminary! She wakes up every morning at 6 WITHOUT help, and apparently she was a lot like me before 9th grade and was really hard to wake up, but now she loves going to seminary!!! 
We ended up teaching about the Atonement since yesterday was Easter and all. Which turned out to be a lot better for me than I thought! We made a video last week, that I gave away last night, of the atonement from the bible videos from and we watched the atonement with them yesterday, I realized that as we started the videos that I could see my reflection in the tv, and only mine, next to the image of Jesus Christ. So I thought in my head (He suffered for MY sins) and then the Spirit just punched me way hard... It was so cool! Then as we watch him suffer on the cross there he was next to my image (He died for ME) then the Spirit AGAIN! and the last thing?? HE was Resurrected and which means (I  will be Resurrected one day) Oh wow was the Spirit so Strong for me, and did it help me to testify? You Bet it did! It was Amazing!!!! 

Last thing?? I realized that I haven't been as Humble as I should be... I always say that I am humble and then when someone corrects my spanish like my comp. I am always like "Yeah, I know" or something, that is one reason I haven't enjoyed Spanish, so I realized that I am not humble with learning Spanish... SO here I am NOW that I know and changing my attitude, and I hope I can learn even more!! :) 

Wow. after looking at my email, this week really didn't turn out as bad as I thought it did... Ha! So for my Friends who read this who are also on Missions? When you have a tough week?? Just think about the awesome things!! :) 

Wow, I Love you all! Thank you for EVERYTHING that you do for me! You are all Amazing and thank you for all the friends who are such great Examples and help me get through the week! I know that this church is true, I KNOW that this is where I am supposed to be, and I KNOW that my Redeemer lives and is here for us and that he suffered and died for OUR happiness. 


Elder Connor Gordon Holt.

P.s. Can you send me Elder Jone's address? Just in case if he doesn't?? And the zipcode of Sister Bailey?? I am going to send another tie... Don't think the other one got past Dallin Russell since he was in a different mission when I sent it.

1 and 2: wedding stuff with Mirijam and Eduardo

3 the Familia Contreous (they are moving... :(((((

4. This sign just made me laugh that they can't even spell White... HAHAHA

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