Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 39: Hot Cold Hot Cold am I in Utah or what?

Yo Yo Yo what's flippen on the Grill G?! How are them patties in Utah?? I can definitely say that its some times frozen meet here and the next time its not... Meaning that I have no idea what the weather is doing, one day its warm and the next day its not! But other than that, whats going on?! 

First off, what what what Ethan is coming here?! How sick is that!! He'll get here at the same time as the new President! But if I remember right, I played on a Peewee Baseball team with him as well! That is so cool! He'll get here right at my year mark!! Weird.... Super Stoked to know another person here in the Mission! :)

Hope Brandon had a killer Birthday! That sounds like fun at the Pizza place! I think we might go back to the all you can eat Pizza place here in Coyhaique at the end of April if we still have money, which I think we should! :) (I hope, I love pizza)

Here is a thought for your Mission mom and dad, well, dad knows what the 24/7 mission is like, and its different for you guys, but if you do ALL that you possibly can, you will definitely feel happy in December when you guys are released! 

OKay now to talk about some things here in Coyhaique! YEah, Mirijam and Eduardo are gonna get Married this Thursday, but she told us yesterday that she doesn't want to get Baptized until the 26th which is sad, but hey its better than no Baptism! Its only a week longer! She also said that she wants me to confirm here a member... That is kinda nerve wrecking because its not a memorized prayer... I guess we'll see what happens! :) 

Roberto went back to Santiago where he lives with his parents because he has this mental disease that is very hard to deal with, and we haven't had the chance to talk with Roxanna, but we have tried! Maro?? Oh yeah, we went and visited him last night and it was AWESOME! He said that he read part of the book of mormon that we gave him, 2 Nephi 31 which is on Baptism and it was just awesome! We only had like 10 minutes to talk to him, because we were late to a family night we had planned with the family of our Mamita! But he READ! He also asked if our church was planning anything for Easter, and so we told him about the activity we are having this Friday with the Branch, we are going to watch a movie on the life of Jesus Christ and have FOOD! :) He said he was very interested and we'll see if he will show up or not! I sure hope so!! 

Elder Christopherson and I have at least 3 weeks left, cambios are the Wednesday before Mother's day, so we will see! We are guessing that he will be transferred because he has been here for three cambios at this point. Our DL guessed that he will be a DL and that I will be a trainer! That would be cool! (Or if I could wait until Ethan got here, that would be even COOLER!) 

So how are plans for Mother's day??? We here are pretty much set I think, unless I have cambios then I sure hope my new comp has everything set, but what are you guys thinking for things??? Just so we can start getting all set up for things and what not, especially if you guys are in the capilla in the morning way early that definitely doesn't work!!! Definitely the same plan that we had for Christmas?? :)

Also I gotta send out a shout out to Kaylie and Carter for being so cute! Thank you Call Family for sending me the Valentines booklet, I received it 2 weeks ago, and I have been meaning to say something this entire time!! But the face of Carter just makes me so happy, so I know if I have a bad day, I just have to look at that face and I'll be cheered right up! ;) 

Also before I say anything else, can you send me a word document of the Priesthood lineage that I have?? That would be soooo AWESOME! :) Also, a picture of my Amazing 95 year old Grandfather please and thank you! :) (Mom you can take a picture of him in his chair if you would like, just gotta get the cute old man to smile! ;))

OKay, where to think of this week?? I dunno its kinda been a hard week, like I dunno, we taught lots hmmmmm... Well we can start off by saying our mission changed rules, we don't count "Other Lessons" anymore. We only count "Lessons with Member" so we can work more with the members and listen to the words of the prophets and work more with the members, which is awesome, and not awesome at the same time, because we don't have a lot of men that can help us.... So its difficult! But you know!! 

OH ohhh ohhhh!! Yeah we contacted this lady last week, on Tuesday and her name is Cindy! Guess what... SHES JW!!!! What??? Yeah. Jehovah witness.... Its SICK!! Okay, there are tons here in Chile, but SHE WANTS TO TALK!!! WOOT!"!!! We went to her house and had a lesson, and it was awesome! We taught the restoration, but the lesson was kinda all over the place because she had so many questions! We left on the thought of "Next time we will talk about what us Mormons believe in after Death" So that was lots of fun, but we have tried every day for the past 3 days to go and teach her, and she hasn't been able to, but she is in her 20's with a daughter and as far as I know?? No Pareja (Boyfriend) and so that would mean she could get Baptized if she was ready!! 

Oh! That is one other thing! One thing I REALLY enjoy doing is, when we are teaching people, sometimes its kinda tough, but I always try to imagine people in all white getting ready for Baptism, and it makes teaching a lot easier! It's something that kinda helps me focus on THEIR needs, so I can know what we need to teach them! 

You know you have an Awesome Companion when: He showers before you and then while you are in the shower makes your bed! Boy was I happy this morning and I didn't have to do that! What an Awesome kid!! :) 

I know this email is kinda all over the place... But yeah, that is how my week felt, I am hoping to have a little better of a week this week! That you for everything! When I had all the emails on word this morning before printing out it was like 15 pages, so I had to change the fonts to 8. Thank you for all the Emails from other Missionaries, because I Love to get ideas from everyone, and definitely thanks for all the prayers! Don't forget the words from this past conference and hit up the Scriptures, Family home Evening, and Family Prayer!! :) 

Love you all!! 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt :)

here are the pictures from this past week!! 

We had an awesome rainbow after a 2 minutes downpour, but we were in a lesson when it was the coolest... so here is what I got! 

The puddle master is back 

And yes... That is snow... in the mountains!! 

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