Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 47: World Cup baby!!:D

Hey everyone!! Happy Week of the World cup!!! 

Yeah we are all super stoked this week! Since we have permission to watch all the games of Chile! Sorry Jed, I guess that means Chile over USA... Ha JK! No I am definitely Cheerin' for them Gringos but, we'll see how good they do! ;) 

Hey! I have time this week, and so its gonna be lots of fun to actually write!! 

Sorry Mom, for the super short letter last week for your Birthday, we didn't have much time, but I hope that you enjoyed that little package! Crazy how fast that got there! Niccole is still waiting for letters from months ago I think... Hmm? I dunno how that works. But speaking of packages I got both of them a week and a half ago! Thank you so much!! It was funny! The morning of, I was thinking, hmmmm I don't have a red tie, then I opened it up, and hey! There is a red tie! Hahaha thanks for everything! The packages were awesome! I am gonna save the shirts until my year mark I think, then start junking things. As it goes for shoes?? I think I am still okay, because I am starting to use my boots everyday, and since I have used my shoes every other day my entire mission, they aren't that bad! I am hoping I can survive another year with these shoes! Socks?? There aren't holes yet, but they are starting to turn see though, (The socks I started with) I opened my other pairs here in Coyhaique so those ones will have until Christmas to be like the socks I started with! 

Hey you guys bought a big TV??? Crazy!! Can't wait to see that one! ;) Now that we finally got rid of the tv that we've had since Ive been born! ;) 

Investigators?? We'll get to them a little later!

Ummm well, lets see... How was this last week? SO MUCH BETTER THAN LAST WEEK!!! I can't even describe to you all how much better this week was! For one I actually have time to write to you guys! Second?? I figured out the problem with my companionship! My companion is a cool guy! I won't lie there! (Okay not gonna lie at all) but I figured out why we have had SO much Contention this Transfer! My companion has to ALWAYS be Right! If he isn't he will fight and fight... Won't let you explain your side and gah... It has been a tough transfer, I think the longest I have had on the Mish... But hey if I am lucky, it will end here in a week and a half, we get transfer news on Saturday! So we will see if I am lucky to stay here in Coyahique for one more transfer or if I have to leave the land similar to Utah! 

Really though, when I say Coyhaique is similar to Utah, I mean it. It has snowed this past week, and then the day after, I wasn't wearing a jacket all morning because it was hot, then by the afternoon it was Freezing! Like, it just is so crazy how things work out! 

OKay, now to the fun Missionary work!! It has been a week, I can tell you that! We started last week with contention, since we had contention last p day. But we got out of contention just as fast, as we got into it as we started teaching, we started with teaching the first three lessons in 45 minutes to a less active guy who just moved here from Concepcion and wants to become active so that was sweet!! 

We taught Roxanna and Roberto a bunch this past week, and they have baptismal fetcha for July 5th, but I dunno if they will get baptized, because every time we try to get them to go to church, set up a family night with members, or something they call us as we are walking to their house and something just happens to come up... Super frustrating, or today we were planning on having a special fast to help roxanna give up smoking, but as we got to their house, she just "wasn't there" gah... super frustrating... 

We taught Miriam and Eduardo 2 or 3 times this last week which was awesome! Definitely some of my favorite people here in the Mission! They remind me a lot of you guys!! Because its funny they always have questions about technology for us as well, Miriam always asks about Facebook, and stuff so its hillarious!! ;) 

Then we taught Sandra and Carlos and Isaboth this week as well, but we had some problems.... So Isaboth ran away on Friday night with her boyfriend that she has had since August that no one has known about, and so that was lots of fun, for two lessons without her there, and then yesterday as we were there teaching it got really awkward when the police knocked on the door with Isaboth, so we ended the lesson real fast so they could talk. But I am just glad that Isaboth is back!! That is good to know!! 

But really that was our week! It was crazy (not) OH!!!! Also we started to teach a less active named Angelica! Her Husband IS NOT member, and we taught them twice! There was some good news!!! We'll see if we can get him with fetcha this week!! :))

Studies?? Yeah, I finished Mosiah! Before my year mark! Woot Woot! Now I only have 62 more chapters to go of Alma, because I finished Alma 1 today! Which is actually SUPER Good! It was just what I needed to read and study!!  

24 For the hearts of many were hardened, and their names were blotted outthat they 
were remembered no more among the people of God. And also many withdrew themselves from among them.
 25 Now this was great trial to those that did stand fast ithe faith; nevertheless, they were steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments of God, and they bore with patience the persecution which was heaped upon them.
SOmething I really needed to read, and then the blessings that came to the people of Nephi after these verses weren't that bad either... ;) If you have time, go check em out! Also the letter of Elder Kolby Strang was Amazing today and helpèd me out and will get me through the next week and a half I hope!! Oh and I can't leave out Sister Madi Palmer, I am gonna be VERY sad when she ends her Mission in August, I just Love her letters, they always get me pumped for the work!! :)
If you guys have time, go watch the video "Esperando Esperando" it is a great video (Don't worry, its in English) and it will get ya'lls in Utah who have so many temples to go to pumped!! I have another video for you guys to watch on my investigator Roberto, but I don't have my agenda at this moment, so I will tell you next week! Remind me!! :)
Anyways, that's all that I have today folks!! 
I Love you all and hope you have enjoyed the #MissionLife of Elder Holt! Have a wonderful Week! 

Elder Holt 
Becoming more like Alma 48:17 every day! :)

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