Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 46: Feliz Cumpleanos a la mejor Mam en el mundo

Hola Todos! Solo una Cosa.... ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS A LA MEJOR MAMA EN EL MUNDO!!!!!!!!

Wow so I don't have much time... We didn't print emails this morning, long story.... So yeah, I just dealt with all the getting everything set up and now we have like Twenty Minutes and I still have to write President! So sorry if this Birthday Letter is a little short Momma.

First off, once again Happy Birthday Momma! Hope that its been the best day in the world! I just found out that you share the same birthday as Nicole's Mom, so thats a fun fact for the day for you as well! :) Just wait for my birthday package that is coming for you, its not much, but I hope it is something you like! :)

This past week has been pretty sweet!! We did some great things!! 

We had an activity on Saturday night with the branch that was lots of fun! Called a Mateada! That was lots of fun, its where everyone just comes to the church, drinks Mate and eats Sopaipillas! So it was a blast!! I fasted the day before so I got the chance to eat there! We also had Karaoke there and that was a blast to sing the first song!! Um some Love song with President Zamudio of Michael Buble and so it was a Blast!! Then yeah!! We can't drink Mate... So what I did?? I definitely ripped open three tea bags and just drank tea from a cup and had a bombilla, so it was my "Mate" It was just great! :) 

Then the other day we had intercambios with the other elders who we live with and I was with Elder Payares in their sector! It was sweet!! I felt the Spirit SOO Much that day! We had such a cool experience, when we went to go contact a reference that we had given them like a month ago, he didn't answer, and so I said lets go knock a door here close by, so we looked for a house with smoke coming from the chimney, so I picked a house and he picked a house! My house? Yeah it was a lame one...  They came to the window, and then left. So we went to his house, and then a woman came and answered the door, and told us to come in without saying hello or anything. So we asked if there was a man? Nope... Nada. So we started to talk to her, and she invited us in again, and we explained that we couldn't without a man, and after she told us she had a dream the night before that two people were going to come to her house, and in her dream her house was really messy and crappy, and these two men came to the door and knocked and she invited them in and was very embarrassed of her house, and told them she was very sorry, they said "Its fine, we aren't here for your house but for you and showed her much love" which she could see in us from right there in her door, that before we had even talked to her, we were going to show her Love! It was such a cool finding experience!! :) 

Yeah, I don't have anytime.... I am sorry.... I have to go write President now, I am not sure what's gonna happen next week.... All I can say is I can't wait for Transfers in two and a half weeks, and hope that I have em! 

I Love you all, and just remember that God tests all of us, so that we can prove that we Love him! I Love him with all my heart! Hope you guys are Amazing!! :)) 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt 

1 and 2 yeah, I am gonna be a man here in 6 weeks as I hit my year mark, and its proving to be true, because starting this past week, I now have to shave everyday.

3. Yeah, another sign that I love!! 

4. Mmmmm my "Mate" 

5.  When we woke up yesterday and went to church this is what we saw.... 

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