Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 49: Baby Sitter Elder Holt

Hey everyone!! How is it going?!?! I am here in my new sector called "Los Muermos" I am not in Puerto Montt... Sorry mom you will have to change the sticker on the map. It is about 45 minutes outside of Puerto Montt, and that is where we will be going after I finish writing here!

Los Muermos is awesome!! We are opening a new sector, there were only two elders here before, but now there are 4 of us! It is awesome! And the Shower?? Oh my gosh how hard it is to get out in the morning... Other than I have like 5 minutes to shower if I want to start my studies on time.... But it is THE BEST shower in the mission, I am in LOVE!! I left Utah, and now I am in Forks Washington... Beware of Vampires... JK hahahaha But it has Rained three of the four days here hahaha so lots of rain, but its not nearly as cold as Coyhaique was!! :))

Well, where to even start, I will start by saying, I Love you guys so much! I can't believe I have been out so long... Time just goes so fast here!! 

I will be writing in the mornings I think for the next 6 weeks, I believe, I am not to sure, we will find out! At least today!! Ha

My new companion? He is from Bolivia! He is a cool guy, I will get you guys a picture next week, but if you want to see what he looks like, ask Brandon to find a picture of Keng from Thailand, because I feel he looks a lot like him!

I thought this cambio was gonna be so much better than the last cambio! Not gonna lie, especially after the first day with my companion! It was awesome! We taught with the spirit and everything!! The first night we had an Awesome experience, where we knocked on a door and then, a guy answers and was happy! (It was after Chile won the second game so of course he was happy) He was super awesome!! HE INVITED US IN AFTER THE FIRST TIME WE KNOCKED ON THE DOOR!! It was super cool!! So we walked in and then he said, hey the elders are here! So we got to talk with his sister and her son, it was super awesome, they were less active, but we found new people which was cool!! 

Chile started to play 9 minutes ago, and we are going to go take a bus to Puerto Montt to say goodbye to President Rappleye because Presidente Obeso comes this week!! I also saw the end of USA last night, and that was super sad.... :/ But hey they are in right?? 

I know this is a short letter, I am sorry, I am not real sure of what more to say, other than Perseverar Hasta el Fin. Which is what I will be doing this cambio and being a leader!! :) 

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!! I will send you photos of this area next week!! 

your son and friend,

Elder Connor Holt

p.s. I Loved and will Miss Coyhaique so much!!! 

One of my Favorite Families of Coyhaique although I visited them like 3 times because they weren't in my sector! (Inter Cambios)

Carlos and Sandra

Hna. Monica!! She was Less Active and Smoked a TON when I got there, and now she hasn't smoked one since I got there and is Active!! Woot Woot!! :) She is gonna come to Utah.

Iris and Salvador Iris are also gonna come to Utah one day, I say... Give it like 5 years.

Roxanna and Roberto and Robertito These guys were some great investigators and They will be coming to Utah one day as well! :)

Familia Carassco These guys are so awesome! And doesn't the dad look like the actor from Cheaper by the Dozen?? I don't remember the name of the actor, but I always thought that.

                     Sunset from Los Muermos

Ed and Miriam Super awesome these guys!! Hope to see them again in my life as well

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