Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 50: Officially 364 days left......What?

¡¡¡Hola Gringolandia!!! 

As of today, I officially have one year left.... Weird! Or at least that is what my ministerial certificate tells me, that I only have until June 30, 2015. So weird to think about!! 

This week is the 4th of July!! So burn some things for the Elder down here in the cold yeah?? :) We will be having a Branch activity that night, which will be super awesome! I am stoked about that, but it will be nothing like fireworks at Murray Park and eating on Apple Vale in the morning, so eat some pancakes for me since I didn't get to eat them last year either.... #LameSauce

This past week was a lot better than the first week! I can tell you that! But if I didn't have my Elder ____ I would of died... Elder _____is definitely one of my Best friends here in the Mission! He is my District leader, and his comp. Elder ______ is super awesome as well! But Elder _____ is well, I guess I can say this... Practically Mike Jones!! (Adam Jones) He sounds like him, and even Acts like him! It is awesome! Did all the same things as him before the Mission! The only thing is, is he is from Tooele, but no importa!! The kid is awesome! Thankfully, he had two weeks with my companion before I did, so he knows EXACTLY how I feel! 

Why is this week was better?? Well I realized something... If we want to teach at all here in Los Muermos, I have to teach. I have to start everything and do all that stuff!! We had our first lesson here in Los Muermos on Saturday, and that's when I realized it hahaha it was awesome! Then yesterday, we had a BUSY day of working! Which was awesome!! Then we got home late.... Which was the bummer of the day, I tried to be on time, but my comp didn't want to be, So its really hard sometimes in the house. So that is this weeks project, is to figure out what we can do to change that! 

Last week after we got done writing we went into Puerto Montt, where we ate Pizza Hut!! It definitely wasn't like Pizza Hut in the states... Then after we went to the Stake Center and we had a meeting with the Missionaries from Puerto Montt, and President Rappleye and his wife showed up with Elder and Sister Goodman, well Brother and Sister, they finished their Mission in January, but we got to say goodbye one last time, because President Rappleye left on Thursday and now President Obeso is here! We'll see how long it is until we get to meet him!! But I got to see a bunch of people there! Like Elder Vargas, an Elder that Alan Brinkerhoff baptized, and Elder Gibleyou! So that was super sweet! Elder Gibleyou is in my zone!! Sick! #HaleStorm (Out Moto)

Then we got to go back on Tuesday for our District Meeting and we were given permission to finish our P-day stuff since we were with Pres. on Monday, so we went to the mall and ate MCDONALDS!! IT was so good, I have missed those big macs!! They dress differently there though... hahaha

But other than that it was a good week, I forgot to reread your letter from last week to reply to it today, so I will be doing that this next week, and replying to today's letter and last week's letter, I am hoping that with my next comp. we can reply in the evening again, because I like reading and then replying later on! 

We are gonna go get muddy today!! Super excited! We are gonna go do some service and help get some more Firewood! So that is gonna be a party!! 

Also, yeah, Chile lost... That was a bummer because they killed Brazil!! They really should have won, since they gave the only point Brazil had to them!! Hahaha it was an Awesome game! But our days of watching TV in the mission have come to an end, and I will have to wait for next year!! 

Anyways, I Love you guys so much, thank you for all the love and support that you have all given me!! I Love you!! 

Elder Connor Holt (I also still love saying that)

1. Me and Elder Vargas (My first Latino Comp)

2. Me and Elder.... Gonzolas?? He was baptized by Alan Brinkerhoff

3. President and Hermana Rappleye, Elder Gibelyou and I

4. Me and The Goodman's

5. Mmmmmmm Mickey Dee's

6. I got Nerdy... My Minecraft Mug

7. It was a Beautiful day and Rainbow! :)

8. Yeah, only 8 cambios (Transfers) left, gotta pick it up!! 

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