Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 59: Holy freakin September?!?!

Hey ya'lls!! How the heck are we already into September..... I don't understand where time goes... CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME?!?!?!

Yeah, sorry for that little freak out there.... But yeah..... anyways! How is everything back home in Utah?! Sounds like a good little activity for the Clecklers!! I hope all went well there with that!! Keep working with them, and we will have the next Baptism in the 15th ward here real soon!!! :) 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!! Sorry I forgot to shout that out last week, it was a crazy week.... Enjoy the food for me, don't worry if there is extra, all of us missionaries will eat it when we get home!! Or at least we'll eat a lot when we get there for the 4th next year!! :) 

To answer your questions real fast, Yes the Baptism happened, we'll get more into that later, my compañero baptized, and I confirmed, and it is on Sunday during sacrament. Noche de Hogares (FHE) usually happen when we schedule them, but sometimes the members ask us to come help!! Oh I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned here on the mission, about how important the family is... Like really though, thank you for all you guys have done for me my entire life.... Like I feel like a punk for all that crap I gave you guys before the Mission... Please forgive me, but yes. When I am a daddy one day, we will be having FHE every week, we will read the scriptures, every day, we will have family prayer, everyday. I want my family to be "Supa Tight Dawg!" like we gonna be Legit. Really though, the family is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo Important!! 

Okay to start the week, it was freakin awesome here!! Well, at least the end of the week was!! At the beginning of the week, it was kinda hard... We had some discouragement, but we got through it. It was really a dumb reason, like it wasn't for anything, I think it was just because our numbers were low for the beginning of the week, but that was because we had done lots of service!! So it wasn't that we weren't working, and I can tell you, we were still super tired all week, but it was a different type of tired, like just I dunno.... 

Anyways, we had some great lessons this past week, in the end of the week!! First off, we are gonna talk about the Baptism!! 

Andres is a stud!! The kid is 9 years, and has such a great testimony!! His mom and older brother are members, but his dad isn't, and when we invited him to be baptized, his mom told us that he told his dad he was gonna be baptized and was super excited for it! 
Then we taught him everything, and has just been super awesome!! He passed his interview a week ago from Saturday, and then this past Saturday he was Baptized!! 
On Saturday we started to fill the font at 12 so he could have hot water, we passed the church at about 3 to go check on it, and it was half way full with hot water, and so we left and then returned at 4 so we could take the president of the branch with us to go teach Cecilia (I'll talk about her later) but as we checked on the water, there was none... It was starting from the bottom again... What?? Yeah, there was no time, so we had to fill it with cold water... 
At 6  the Baptism started!! But.... We had no clothes for Andres... Shoot! So we were calling everywhere to find some clothes, and then we got some!! So we started at about 6:25 but its okay, because that was when everyone finally got there as well!! 
The baptism was awesome! The kid was super happy afterwards!! :) 

Then on Sunday I got the chance to confirm him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost! It was super sweet, because at the baptism and at the confirmation, we had lots of investigators to watch and see what happens!! :) But It was awesome, I can tell you that the confirmation here went better than it did in May when I confirmed Miriam a member of the Church, because I have a little more vocab in Spanish now, and it just worked out! After church his mom asked me if I heard about the experience of Andres during the Confirmation! I told her no, what happened?! And she told me that Andres said he felt an Angel had come down and was telling him this blessing!! Wow... Like really?? I felt so blessed afterwards to know that I could help with this confirmation, so he could feel this Angel!! It was Awesome!! 

After the Baptism on Saturday night, we taught Berta, we finished the commandments with her, and there was so much Spirit!! In the end of the Lesson, my compañero asked her if she would be baptized this next week, once again, because ya tenia fecha. It was sweet!! I felt so much Spirit, right after he asked her... Like my entire body was just full of it!! Then after, she said yes! It was sweet!! So we are planning for her Baptism this Saturday!! 

On Saturday night, while I was writing in my Journal about that Baptism, I had some personal revelation, to talk to our investigator Cecilia who had fecha for the 12th, but to ask her if she would like to be baptized on the 6th. So yesterday during church, we asked her, and she said OF COURSE!!! So she could be Baptized with Berta!! So they are both planning for Baptism for this Saturday!! So after Church we had their interviews, but the Zone Leaders got here late... So Berta couldn't have her interview, because she had a reunion for work..... Then after her Reunion, something happened so she couldn't have it... But we still have Faith that she can be baptized this week!! Its gonna take some miracles!! But we have another Baptism planned for this Saturday for Berta and Cecilia!! Its gonna be Awesome!! :) But PLEASEEEE Put Berta in your Prayers so she can be Baptized as well!! Its gonna take a miracle!"!! 

Really though, I am learning so much out here in the Mission, I mean, I am super stoked to see what you guys think of me when I get home!! That's in another... shoot only 10 months...  But I can't wait to see what you all think!! Hopefully its for the better, and not the worse!! :) 

I Love you all so much!! I am now gonna go hit up the White Shirt and tie, and get back out to work after buying my groceries for this week!! We have transfer news at the end of this week!! I have no idea where the time has gone!!! I Love you!! 

Trying to make you Proud,

Elder Connor Holt

Me and my Comp Elder Rasgido

Yeah, I might have to buy a chow chow one day! 

Baptism pictures

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