Monday, September 8, 2014

Semana 60 Matters into God's hands

Hello Everyone!!! How are things going there back home?!?! :) 

I really don't even know where to begin, this past week has been so up and down emotionally, physically, and spiritually... Lets just say Rio Negro is freakin Crazy!! 

But before we get into all of that... Sounds like you guys had an awesome conference mom!! I like the things that you shared with me!! :) The Hale family has lots of Missionaries, now to make that thought a little bit bigger, add the Holt family as well and then you have even more!! But I am happy to be the last Grandson on both sides of the family to seal off the Grandsons and Missions!! 

Voy a encontrar la luna este noche si no hay nubes de lluvia!! :) Gracias por tu besos mamá! 

Yeah, everything else... Well here we go!! 

This past week, just so many thoughts on the family!! There were lots of times that I got to share experiences and that we were talking about the family mom it was awesome!! :) 

But I can't even begin to start on the things that Satan is doing here in Rio Negro, I can't even begin to tell you all the things I have seen go down. I have such a Strong Testimony that Satan is a real being, he wants ALL of us to fail and to not have Success or Happiness, he just wants us ALL to be like himself!! Watch out because, he is getting stronger in this falling world we live in.

We had an intercambio and I got to work with one of the other elders on Friday and that was super fun!! We did so much the entire day!! Until we went to correlation and heard about the young women's president. Her name is Camila, and has 20 years, and is a convert of 3 months. We heard that she didn't want her calling anymore and didn't want to be a member, because of some problems. so we went over to her house after this meeting with our ward mission leader to visit her, we shared a message that I just love, its the Mormon message by Elder Holland where the guy who just keeps walking!! I think it was from 2009 or 2010! Look for it!! It is Amazing!! But the spirit was so strong there!! So it was a great visit!! After she told us she didn't know if she was going to go to church... So what did I do?? Well I remembered a letter from Sister Palmer a few weeks ago where she testified of the blessings of Fasting, so I fasted for her yesterday to come to church and put the matter into Gods hands!! She wasn't there during sacrament, and so I was a little bummed, but I saw her after sacrament, as she went in with President Bello for and interview, and I was SOOO happy that she came to church!!! She now still wants her calling and to repent of the things that happened this past week, and be a member! Blessings of Fasting are great!! 

And that's not all, because here is another!! Like I said last week, we weren't sure if Hna, Berta was gonna get baptized!! So last week, my companion and I had a fast for her!! So we tried to do everything that we could for her this past week!! Then we put the matter into God's hands and look what happened!! On Thursday in the morning she had a little bit of time that we could have her baptism interview, and she passed!! Then a half hour before the baptism, we had a little bit of time to finish up her last lesson, and then she was Baptized with Cecilia!!! Another miracle!! 

But wait, there's more!!! 

This one wasn't a fasting blessing, but yesterday we went to the house of Andres in the campo and it was super awesome!! We took some fun pictures with their sheep!! But when we left, and when we got to the next house afterwards I realized that I didn't have my personal wallet... uh oh... They lived like a half hour away... So I called them and asked for them to look for it, but they couldn't find it... So when we got home last night, I looked EVERYWHERE!! But I couldn't find it... I was super stressed..... I was getting very nervous I was going to need to call you guys today or email you to ask you to cancel my card... So what did I do?? I put the matter into God's hands and prayed, and I asked him with all the faith that I had, not doubting a thing to have my wallet in my pocket of my Jacket. After I finished my prayer, I hung up my jacket ***Gasp I know Elder Holt hang up his clothes?!?! I've changed Mom, I've changed*** and searched in the pockets, but I couldn't find it... But then I had the feeling to search in my Suit Jacket, so I looked in all those pockets, and not the first, second, third, but the fourth... It was there. I NEVER put it in there... It was a personal miracle for me to find it and another Faith building Experience!! So I finished searching with another prayer of lots of Gratitude!! 

So this week has been super crazy!! Its been lots of fun as well!! But now we have two new problems to deal with that I need all your help at home!! First off, Jacob has Baptismal date for this Friday September 12th!! But the Zone Leaders told me that if he drinks tea, he won't be able to be baptized, which would be a bummer, since he is planning on getting Baptized at 3 right after getting married in the Morning!! So I need the help of everyone at home for your strengthening prayers at home, as they have helped Berta as well!! Please Pray for Jacob to have the strength!! 

The second problem... Well not a problem, its a new challenge no mas, is that President Obeso called me this last Saturday and said that.... Elder Holt is gonna be a Papá this next cambio!! I am gonna be a trainer of a new Elder!! A Gringo!! (Por fin) Its been since May that I have had a Gringo Compañero!! But I am super excited!! I am super happy that I got to read the letter of Elder Jones, because he is a trainer now, and it looks like Elder Sommercorn in Washington is gonna be a trainer as well!! Whats up!! Way to rep 15th ward!!! But my new companion is named Elder Rich I think, and its gonna be a blast! I am super stoked!! So please pray for my new companion, because he is gonna have a crazy time here in Rio Negro, its a tough sector... But I am gonna help him and make sure these next 12 weeks are the best 12 weeks of his mission!! :) 

Anyways, I can tell you that my testimony has grown so much in this past week!! I don't even know where to begin, how about with just, I KNOW without a single doubt that this church is true, and that anyone who wants to have True Happiness, needs to just try it, and see what it feels like!! As I can say "Ser Mormon es Ser Feliz" really though, to be Mormon is to be Happy!! 

I Love you all!! Thank you so much for all your emails letters, prayers, and most of all your Love!! You are all so Amazing!! 

Trying to make you proud,
Elder Connor Holt

Ps Tell everyone I say hello, and also I am gonna talk to President Obeso this week about Andrea, to see if we can meet up, since we have been talking these past couple of weeks!! 

Just a Sheppard searching for the Lost sheep of the Lord.

Dragon Ball Z (IT's huge in Chile) FUSION!!! 

Yeah, my District, we are Studs!

Bautismo de Cecilia y Berta

I gonna be a Daddy!!! 

"its really hard to Lose in Chile! :)

In search for the Lost ones

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