Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 61: Es Un Hombre (Yeah thanks Matt)

Hola todos!!! Oh wait, I guess I should talk in Inglés because that's kinda what I am doing right now with mi hijo!! How is everyone!?! I hope just dandy, because here in Rio Negro Elder Rich and I are doing freakin' AWESOME!! 

Training is SO GREAT!! I Love it!! It makes me so happy and I have learned so much already from my new companion in the past 5 days!! He went to Mexico for the CCM and so that has been so much fun to talk about to see the differences and what not!! He is from St. George, and is just a strait up Stud!! 

This week, has been MORE THAN GREAT! I really don't even know where to start talking about it, but its kinda hard since I have like ten minutes to write at this moment, because we are going to go Bowling with the Zone, and then finish emailing after, so my goal is to finish this before we go!! 

Lets see, we'll start on Wednesday!! When we got to the church here in Osorno where we got to talk with the APs about the trainers and what we would be doing for the next 12 weeks and all that fun Jazz! Then here is where the Spirit starts!! President Obeso wanted us to stand up and sing Called to Serve, but I was like the only one all excitedly singing it, so he stopped us and asked, is that how Missionaries sing??? So we started again, and during the first chorus all the new missionaries started to file in up on the stand behind Presidente Obeso and we sang together and the Spirit was just so flippen strong it was sooooo coooll!! I was trying to guess who Elder Rich was, and I couldn't do it, but when they hooked us up, I was SOOOO Stoked!! There was also 3 other elders there from my group who were training, and 1 other who is a ZL in Osorno so we had the 5 of us there, that was super sick!! :) 

Then where to start?? I mean when we got back to Rio Negro, we got right into working and it was sweet!! We started by going to my favorite members! Ricardo and Carla, who are they coolest!! Ricardo has 2 years and Carla has 24 and they have THE CUTEST daughter named Josepha!! So cool they are!! :) We taught they entire day, and my companion just has SOOO MUCH SPIRIT!! I honestly don't want him to learn more Spanish, because he talks so plainly with the Spanish he knows and the Spirit is just sOOOOOO STRONG!!! ITs sooo cool!! :) Like I really just don't know how to explain it, I am just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! The past 5 days, I don't think I have been happier here in the Mission it is soooo cool!!! :)

On Friday we had the Baptism on Jacob!!! çççhhheeaaaa!! How sweet right?!?!!! Thats right Satan!! Take that!! 4 Baptisms in 3 weeks!! Oh man its super sweet!! And the other two elders are gonna have a Baptism this Saturday!! How cool!!!! :D The Aps came, because they all started their missions here in Rio Negro and then they all knew him!! So it was super Sweet! Then Elder Rasgido had the chance to come here with his new companion!! He went to Puerto Varas, and he got the chance to come, so we had 9 elders there!! Ah! How cool!!! 

Saturday was the world Service day!! Oh let me tell you, we hit up the service!! We started by flippen DEMOLISHING A HOUSE!! Yeah it was more than service, it was SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah!! IT was great! We got lots of pictures!! Then we also cut a bunch of wood!! 

So on Sunday morning we were super sore, but it was all good, because we got to church and had the confirmation of Jacob!! The Aps came to church with us as well, and it was super awesome! So we had 7 elders there, and we sang in church again, like we did when Elder Gubler came to our church last Cambio!! It was just so cool!! So much Spirit there and yeah!! 

Like really though, when we are feeling the spirit here in the Mission... Its the Best!!! :) I Love it!! My Companion is Amazing!! Can't wait to see the success we are going to have in the next 11 weeks!!! 

But We are off to go Bowling!! So I am going to send pictures here in a bit when we finish!! I HAVE SO MANY!!! :D

I Love you all and hope that you have an Awesome Week!! Can't wait to see what comes of this next week!! and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PRAYERS THEY HELP SO MUCH!!!!  Bring it on Satan!!! 

Trying to make you Proud!
Elder Connor G. Holt

Josefa the daughter of Ricardo and Carla who is just my fav! 

My Son Elder Rich with Presidente y Hermana Obeso

All the guys from my group and their kids! Its kinda sweet because our kids got here exactly one year after we did!! 

The baptism of Jacob with the 9 elders there

Service day on Saturday with the remains of the house we DEMOLISHED

Bowling Generation Pic! Abelo Walker with Papa Holt and Hijo Rich ¡Que Guapo! 

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