Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 62: Feliz 18 de Septiembre!!!!

Hello all!! How all ya'lls doin?!?! 

Today was a pretty awesome day coming here on the Bus to Osorno!! I mean right as we got here I was reminded of Dad when a good oldies song came on the radio!! Do I know the name of the song?? Yeah definitely not.... But it had a good tune that goes like this...

"Summer Breeze makes me feel fine"

I just can't wait for that summer breeze, because the spring breeze today is "Chile" hahaha yepp, still use that one!! 

Anyways its been a super crazy week!! We started the week like it was normal, until Wednesday we had a sweet reunion with all the Elders and Hermanas from the North of the Mission, and Elder Viñas of the 70 dropped by to come talk to us! So that was super cool!! There were so many Palos, but his message was super powerful, he talked a lot about the Atonement!! Super Amazing!! There was so much Spirit there!! 

During a break I went out and was talking with past companions, Elder Santisteban, Elder Christopherson, Elder Robertson, there were lots of my companions there and then I saw this Elder who was eating something as he passed by me and I told him that, that was a good idea to bring food!! Then I did a double take and looked at him again, then he said to me "Hey I think I know you" and I said the same.... Then we clicked that we did know each other, from 4 years ago... at.. EFY!! The kid was in my EFY company!! Never thought in my life that someone from my company at that time, would be serving with me in the same mission, so Elder Hughes and I snapped a photo!! 

Then Thursday was a ParTay... Not! It was the 18th of September which is Independence here!! So it was sweet!! So we were gonna go hang out with members and things that day to celebrate... But Elder Holt was sick... So I literally was sitting in front of the fire the entire day... I dunno what got me, but it was not a party!! The night before?? Well my companion is freaking awesome!! Like that's when my sickness came on, so we went home a little early and I hopped in the shower, and the kid made me food!! It was super sweet!! But when I got out I was too sick to eat, so I just went and laid on my bed to sleep!! But when I got under my covers I was shivering so much and I think he saw that, so the kid checked my temperature like Mom did when I was a kid, and then threw two more blankets on me and tucked me in!! Like the coolest!! All day Thursday he was just checking on me and helping me out as well!! Love the kid! Such a Great Companion!! 

Friday I felt a little better, so we went to the activity at the branch! It was super sweet! Nothing like Breakfast outside our house on the 4th, but we made lots of food! My companion and I made some Bomb Crepes with a secret sauce and Nutella and everyone wanted some by the end, and it was so funny, all our food was gone within 5 minutes!! So it was a hit!

Later we played some games, and I only did a few! We had a tug a war! So we had one with the Missionaries and the Elders! We almost won! But at the end they got us!! It was lots of fun!! The Bomberos parked their trucks at the church as well! So there was one that was old school and had a familiar face on the front hood! You'll have to tell John Holmes that he doesn't have the only puppy anymore!! Hhahaha

Last week we destroyed a house (World Service Day that the Prophet Announces) It was the house of the Mom of the 1st counselor, it was flooded a couple months ago, and so they are gonna build another!! Then this past Saturday we built a Green House with Jacob! It was super sweet!! :)

Being  a Missionary is fun because when someone bails on giving a talk, they come right to us.... So I gave a talk yesterday! My third here in the mission, which was so much better then number two and one, and I didn't even prepare for it hahahaha and then We finished the week yesterday out in the Campo again! We went out to lunch with Familia Arriza! It was super good!! Her food is just the best out here in Rio Negro!! So we had a great Lunch!! And had a party out there!! :) 

But over all it was a great week (except for being sick) but its cool because I have learned so much!! We'll see what this week is gonna bring!! I really hope lots of success so that my new companion can see some crazy stuff! Since Rio Negro is a tough little sector!! 

I just want all of you who are reading this to know that this church, IS TRUE!!! Really though and it brings TRUE HAPPINESS!!! I mean on Thursday when I couldn't be outside sharing the gospel, I was upset and sad,........ I want the Whole world to know the happiness that we receive sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Its True!!! 

I Love you all and hope that you all have a wonderful week!! :)

Trying to make you Proud,

Elder Connor G. Holt

Elder Hughes from EFY at SLCC 2010

Elder Rich has Chilean Spirit when the parade came by our house!! 

Fireworks on the 18th

Soy Chileano "po"

Tug o war

The dog from Hno. Holmes

The Green house!! 

Yeah... 6 cambios left....

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