Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 63: La Expiación de mi Salvador

Hello everyone!! What a great week it has been!! :)) I am so glad that I get the chance to read about family and friends every Monday, so I can get the chance to be "Home" for a bit! :) Thank you for all the Loving Letters and Emails!! :) 

Wow, really though I have no idea where to start!! I mean wow, this past week has been super crazy!! We were in Osorno for 4 of the 7 days!! I had to start my SECOND Visa (Yeah... I'm officially OLD in the Mission...) We had some sweet meetings, and I studied a BUNCH about the Atonement!!! 

Where to start where to start....

How about with I have Assignments for whoever is reading this right at this moment!! :) de hecho, tres!! Primero es para read a talk that Brandon sent me a year ago!! I read it and marked it up while I was in my first sector, and as I found my "Flea Chart" (yes I have one) I found this talk on Repentance by Theodore M. Burton which is called "The Meaning of Repentance" then there is another talk that my companion printed yesterday which we read last night before bed called "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox which I think I read in the MTC or before here on the Mission, which is AMAZING!!! Last you have to look up the video on Youtube called "Missionary work and the Atonement" which Pres. Eyring and Elder Holland talk, and its SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!! I first saw that video in Coyhaique!! But we saw it again this past week in our District meeting, and it was just super cool!!! :) You have to watch it and instead of thinking of "Missionary Work" Think of "My Life, My Calling, or My Family" something along those lines!!! :) 

Now a Miracle that I saw this past week, that was something for my learning?? Yeah, well two of the elders here in Rio Negro, have been leaving the house a mess... and so I have been having to clean up for them, I have asked them like 4 or 5 times this week to take their clothes upstairs and to clean up their messes (Hmmm sound familiar mom?) and it was just getting really frustrating by the end of the week, because I felt like they were just ignoring me, especially when one told me yesterday morning after I asked him to take his clothes upstairs, he asked me why? I told him so it wouldn't be messy downstairs, and then he replies "well then it would be messy up stairs..." and I just wanted to slap my hand to my face so hard..... So when my companion and I got home after church, since we have to do a Sunday Afternoon Study in training, while my companion was in the Bathroom, I remembered that in the talk of "The Meaning of Repentance" there is a part that talks about Mosiah 2:17 and how when we are serving our neighbor we are serving God! So I finished with my dumb thoughts and I started to clean, I folded all of the clothes that were downstairs and took em upstairs and his shoes and everything and neatly put them on his bed and it was super awesome! The Downstairs was clean and it was lots better!! :) Then later at night, we were just chilling before bed and when I came into my room, I noticed my companion had organized our clean clothes that we had received and put them on my bed, so I said "Wow sick someone helped me!" Then the elder who I helped hit me up with a "Someone helped me too!! Super Cool!" So I felt good inside and Life just got so much better!! So here is a another test for all of you!! When someone is bugging you by not doing something?? SERVE them and you will feel much better!! 

Also?? Sorry Mom and Dad for always leaving things on the stairs and not just cleaning up the house like I should have.......... I now know how you felt with your rebellious son at home... I should have listened, so please forgive me?? :) 

Last?? We got a reference from our Branch President this past week of a girl in college who wanted to learn a little more English with us!! So we contacted her and set up an appt. on Saturday!! So she came to the church with her boyfriend and they are ummm... The religion that goes to church on Saturday!! I don't remember what it is in English! Anyway, we taught them English and got to know them, and then taught them the Restoration (In Spanish). Then last night we met with Tamara again! We helped her with some more English, and then I realized hey!! My Companion has a book of Mormon in English, and so we read the Book of Mormon Introduction in English (hehehehe yeah I thought of that in the end) then we gave her a Book of Mormon in Spanish, that we wrote our testimonies in for her!! Then we received more revaluation, that we are going to "Practice" English with her by just teaching all of the lessons to her in English!! Ha! Who would have ever thought, I am in Chile, on a Spanish Speaking Mission, teaching in English for the first time!! Sabe que genial es?!?! Super Bak...Genial!!!! :D 

Really??? This week has been so awesome!! Like you said mom, the weeks just go by SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Fast!! In July they were slow, but now they are SO FLIPPEN FAST!! The just get faster and faster!! Especially when you have super Kapo compañeros!! Elder Rich is such a cool kid, and we get along just so dang well!! I Love the kid, and we are gonna just keep working great!! 

We now have to get out of here because our time is almost up with P-day and we have to go teach a lesson, a Noche de Hogar, and then English! Its gonna be a busy night!! 

Thankyou for all the prayers, emails, letters, thoughts, and everything that everyone does!! (Also the package Mom, ((Don't worry its hidden away so I can't open it until next week))) 

I Love you all and you are all in my prayers!! Have a wonderful week!! 

Trying to make my Heavenly Parents, and my Earthly Parents proud,

Elder Connor Holt


Can you find me? 1/3 of my mission

Our names from the Green House we helped make!! 

I thought this was funny, they were washing the sidewalk when it was raining....

 Obispo de Camino Real! :)

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