Thursday, January 1, 2015

Week 76: ¡¡¡Feliz Año Nuevo 2015!!!!

Wow, Christmas was last week? I remember when I was with Elder Jurado walking in the streets of Los Muermos saying "Shoota tenemos la Navidad en 3 cambios y medio..." and now look at the time, here we are going to be starting the New year!! Where did 2014 go?? I remember when I was in Camino Real a year ago with Elder Whitaker thinking, wow I am only starting my 6th month... I have so much time to go. Nope. I am now here starting 18.... Wow. Time. Flies. #NuffSaid

So I have no idea what to talk about... Christmas was so much fun! Except it was a bummer not to be able to talk to Brandon there either... :/ But that just means he has to send me a big email, since I haven't heard from him in awhile... *Hint Hint Wink Wink* Girl update?? Marriage Update?? Am I gonna get a cool cut out of me in the next 5 months, or am I just gonna have to wait for 6 to come home and actually be there?? ;)

Super cool story mom with them in Argentina!! That is super crazy!! That is like a whole 75 Baptisms there in one day... Presidente Obeso would LOVE for something like that to happen!! 

How many Missions are there in Salt Lake now?? Before this new change?? But shoot, with this new change, that just means there is tons of work there to be done!! So just like you said!! All Ya'lls living there in Salt Lake gotten start putting it in Gear! I thought I was gonna be finishing my mission in 6 months, but that has all changed too, I am just gonna be transferred no mas to a new sector in Utah, and probably speaking English... So that'll be kinda super weird... I think I only taught once in English in the CCM and that's about it. More than that?? Nada. 

But hmmm something super cool?? Well we already talked about that family that we sang to and are now investigadores nuevos, but my companion on Saturday night went with the 1st counselor of the Bishopric and went to a family that we had a cita with, but the cita fell through, and so he went to a contact with him, and this contact also just happened to be a guy we sang for like two weeks ago! Well they went out and had an AMAZING lesson with them and he has Fecha now for the 14th of February to be Baptized, and its very likely that his wife will be baptized with him, says Elder Jeppson, because she will do what he wants to do, and he wants it, and then we will be teaching them again this week, with their 16 year old daughter as well, so if we are good, that will be a family all on the day of Love!! :)

Something else?? I have really thought about it a lot here on my Mission. Before I never was all about the family stuff... Now I mean, I am gonna be coming home, SUPER different. I am gonna be coming home to not only spend more time with MY Family, but find a wife to start MY family! I am gonna be a Papá and I am gonna teach my kids to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so they can be as Happy as I am right now, out here sharing this message!! :) Although, that could be a little longer than in 6 months, because I don't really want to stop... So maybe we'll see each other in like 2017 or something like that.. #SorryNotSorry 

The coolest thing that has happened this past two weeks?? I have felt the Spirit so strong during the Sacrament. I mean, never before has it been like this. Last week, it was super cool, after taking the bread, and then taking the water, as it was going down my throat it was like the spirit was too, just filling my body! Then yesterday after I partook of the water So much Spirit just filled in! It was Amazing!! :)

Also talking about the spirit, one of our compromisos for our District Meeting this past week, was to go to Members houses and teach the Restoration, so they can feel the Spirit and the Power of our Message. Wow, last night, we went to the house of the 2nd counselor and it was Amazing. I am not gonna lie. The Spirit was so strong. You guys need to get a hold of those Missionaries that are serving in our area there in Lago Salado and then you have bring someone who isn't member, and then have them come and teach the Restoration, so you guys can not only feel the Spirit so strong, but to add your strong testimonies as well!!! 

Anyways, that's all that I have this week, we'll see what goes on here for the end of the year. Hope that its all good!! Hey See you all Next year!! (Really Though.. :(...) Thanks for all your prayers, and everything that you all do for me!! You are all in my prayers and I hope that you guys can see and feel the blessings!! :)

Trying to make you proud,
your son,

Elder Connor Holt

 We be rockin them penguin hats (Until this guy asked us for one, and then the other hahah a story for another day)

Familia Gonzolus from Camino Real found us Christmas evening!!! It was super awesome!! :) 

 Yeah, so I had to get my New Carnet here last Friday! So Lets see if you can see the difference of this years, picture and next years, if not, I will show you in a couple weeks!! 

 Niccole sent me lots of Candy, and there just happened to be Starburst, I had to try it, and I still got it as well! Watch out! This kid has got some tricks!! ;)

yeah well I FINALLY DID IT!!! I tied a cherry stem knot WITH MY TONGUE!!

 I found this kid here on Christmas Eve!! Xavi!!! He is from Camino Real!! His sister lives here in my ward!! :)

CARNE!!! Mmmm Christmas Eve! :)

Look!! A "White Christmas" here as well!! 

Feliz Navidad

Yeah, that was after our wrapping paper fight and so it was kinda hard to study...

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