Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 77: I got called Flaco (Skinny)...

Hey guys!! How is Life?!? I Hope its just dandy!! 

Wow, this past week has been wonderful!! Shoot, I just realized, I still haven't read your email yet mom... Or Brandon.... Its been a crazy day, but I will get to that later, so I am sorry if I don't answer questions if you had any, all though I was gonna drop some palos Brandon if you didn't write me, so you did, I sure hope that truck is yours that you sent pictures of!! I want to have a Tacoma as well!! So you stole my idea if that was yours!! 

Wow... Okay where to even start??? How about with when we ended P-day last week, we had an awesome lesson! with a man, who is family is all members, and we taught them the restoration, and then put him with fecha baptismal for the 14th!! The day of LOVE! Woot!! So now we have two with fecha!! It was super sweet!!! 

Tuesday after our leaders meeting I had the chance to go to Entre Lagos for and intercambio with Elder Hettinger which was awesome! We got to teach a ton, and we put one of their investigators with fecha and then we also went down a HUGE slide around 8pm before we had a NDH with the people that we lived with, since they aren't members all except one, so that was tons of fun! After the slide we were soaked... I think that may also be why there is a hole in my suit pants now... So I have to go shopping for a new suit here in the next week or so....

I just wrote Presidente Obeso in Spanish, so now I have to get my head back in place give me a sec....

Umm New Years Eve, was kinda lame... It was fun I guess, I mean we had an AWESOME Consejo de Distrito!! It was full of the Spirit and it was Amazing!! That night when I called everyone to get their numbers everyone was saying how great it was! So that definitely bumped my esteem on that one! But we had to be in the house, and we thought it was just because of the drunks or something at 9 SI o SI. No exception. But I think we found out today, because there were some disobedient missionaries who kinda killed it for the entire mission. Oh well, we were obediente and we did what we had to do, that got to the house, and we had eaten a ton that day!! We had meat for lunch, then we went and had a Noche de Hogar with our Mamita and Papito because he had just gotten back from work (He is a truck driver) so we don't see him much but it was awesome that night, and so then we also had more meat there. Then as we got back up to the house, we were ready to just sleep for how much we had eaten... Then a member called us, and asked us if we were in our house (We were going to go to their house to spend the night with him till we heard we had to be in the house at 9... So he called us to "Check in with us" then I was realized after I hung up. "Crap, he is gonna bring more meat" and sure enough... About 5 minutes later he showed up at our door with meat hahahahaha it was super funny!! But we ate it and we were happy! Then we ended up staying up till 12 and being a little desobediente... But at 12 there were fire works downtown Osorno which we can see PERFECTLY from our room, so that was awesome! WE listened to Mine Craft music for that and then we started to blast some church music and people walked by our window yelling "Happy New Year" (Or trying to at least...)  It was a fun night!! 

On Año nuevo we had to cut some wood for a neighbor of our ward mission leader, who happens to be a member! Well, her daughter, and it was only like half a metro, so it wasn't very much, but since I haven't cut wood since Entre Lagos, and my comp like never since, they don't use wood in Punta Arenas, it took us like 2 hours because it was full of knots... So then we ended up teaching them a little bit about the Book of Mormon after and it was great!! Then we invited the Mom to church, and she came!! IT was sweet!! Although they participate of the hermanas sector and not ours... Shoot! But we had some other good lessons that day as well, so it was lots of fun!! 

Friday we had interviews with Presidente Obeso, and wow, do I Love that man. He is SOOOOOOOOO different then Presidente Rappleye but I Love them both! He is just such a Spiritual man, and answered all my questions and it was just great, I got some much inspiration for my District and what I can do to be a better leader for them, and I am just happy! :)

Saturday, that is where the fun part comes, (My title) yeah, so there is a little tienda we visit here and teach the owner, she was an investigator of the elders who were here before, but we helped them move to Rahue Alto our first Saturday here in Ovejeria, and so we just visit her sometimes, I ended up showing them my pictures, and she said something super weird.. She said I was Skinny... Ha just kidding, EVERYONE says that STILL: But what was weird about it, is she was looking at the picture I took the summer Brandon got back 4 years ago... 4 years ago?? Shoot Brandon, you're old... In California and then looked at me and said that I looked skinnier!! What??? Skinnier than I was at the end of Sophomore year?? yeah no.... hahaha

Yesterday was super awesome as well!! So look.. First off, I just need to say something, anyone who is reading this now. You NEED to invite the Missionaries over to your house. IF you are a Member or Not. So you can have them talk about the Restoration of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have been teaching the members here in Ovejeria, and with Every member I feel more and more of the Spirit!! Then every single person we have put with Fecha here, a MEMBER has been Present!! It has been super awesome!! Yesterday, we were with a member named Robert! It was awesome! All of our plans fell through, so he wanted to go to the OTHER side of the sector to some country and so we went over there, and he saw this lady out by a car and said her. So we went over and I had NO IDEA what I was gonna say to her, so I asked "Do you need help?" she replied no she was just finishing putting in the battery. Then I asked, oh.. So you are leaving?? And she said, no just getting there. SO I asked "Can we teach a little about Jesus Christ?" And let me tell you, if you ask that question here in Chile usually people just say I am Evangelical and then walk away. But she said sure, come in. So we went in and then we taught the Restoration!! The Spirit was SOOO Strong, and then we invited her to be Baptized!! It was super awesome! She said yes!! We answered many other questions for her as well, So we now have 3 for the fecha of Valentines day!! Although the only thing is, she is 7 months pregnant... Due the 16th... So we aren't sure how that is going to work.... Oh well, the Lord knows!! 

Then TODAY! Finally!! Today has been one of my Favorite Pdays my entire mission!! I am so lucky to have a companion like Elder Jeppson who would like to walk with me to my first sector of CAMINO REAL!!! It was so awesome!! WE got permission to come visit people!! So we got to start with Mamita Bravo who was super excited to see us they were, and she made us some lunch and it was so fun to be with them there!! Then we went over to see Hermana Makarena who was just sealed with her family in the Temple before Christmas!! I sent a picture of them last week!! Elder Walker and I worked with them so much for that!! Then we passed by Familia Delgado and we finished with Familia Chaipul!! Now we are here in the Ciber that I would write in when I was here a year ago... Shoot crazy to think I left 50 weeks ago... But after we are finished before we walk back to Ovejeria we are gonna visit one more on the way, the hermana Isabel, who was the last family I saw when I had my sober cambio and will be the last family as well today! Crazy!!! 

Anyways, just so ya'lls know I LOVED seeing the pictures of the family party!! Just so Spencer knows, tell him he'll have to practice to beat me at Elimination next year, because we have been teaching it to the ward boys and their friends here!! Hahahaha Amelia and Anela are HUGE!!!! All of them kids!! That picture with Logan and the boys?? Oh my gosh!! HUGE! Wow... Its gonna be weird!! So I also thought something funny today... Spencer had a family party when he got home... But I am gonna have a COUNTRY party when I home!!! ;) Hahahah fireworks and total!! Hahahah 

I Love you guys so much, and I just want you all to know that I am a Worthy holder of the Melchizedek Priesthood, and I am here in Chile for two years, preaching Repentance through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I know that it is true for all the many experiences that I have had! Thank you for all that you do for me, emails, letters, prayers, and your Love. 

Trying to make you proud,

Elder Connnor Holt
(I like long emails) 

 Elder Hettinger and I before the Slide Ride

My shoes... I got one pair fixed this last week, and its already breaking, but I now need to take the other pair hahahha

MY FAMILY FROM RÎO NEGRO (WE saw them today)

The view of MY sector Now of Ovejeria from Camino Real, when I was here a year ago, I thought this was the sector of Francke

Me and Mamita y Papito Bravo

 Familia Chaipul!! :D

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