Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 79: 6 months till Sexy...

So pretty much, I'm an old guy man now... Nothing about a new squirt anymore... Man!! Shoot, that is a bummer!! But hey!! How are all ya'lls doin today?? Me?? I am just absolutely tired!! 

So to explain where I am at Mom, I am up North now, I am in the Gran ciudad de Valdivia. Lets just says... ITS HUGE!!! Like 4 times the size of Osorno?? I dunno, something like that!! Its pretty crazy!! I am in "Las Animas" if you can find that on the map! If not, throw it on Valdivia no mas, I am still not sure about this place.

Wow, we've had an absolutely crazy week!! I mean, there has just been so much that has happened!! Elder Jeppson didn't think we were going to have cambios, and I didn't until I got my answer from praying, but here we are with New companions! Its kinda funny, because Elder Jeppson is now with Elder Barney, who is from my group, and I am with Elder Root who is from his group, so that was a little party swappin there!! 

Hmm now where to start?? Well, on Monday night, we just went out to go and say bye to members, which was super hard, I got really close with some of the members there in Ovejeria in just 6 weeks!! 

Then on Tuesday we went over to Mata to have our District Meeting, and so that was a party! I was super sad to have to say goodbye to my district, because I had grown super close to those Elders and Sisters in the past 11 weeks!! But we had a great spiritual meeting, and then took some pictures and some our goodbyes!! Then the rest of the day we went and finished our goodbyes with some of the members, we didn't get to say goodbye to them all, because we got an unexpected call during lunch seeing if we could go to the terminal de buses para sacar Elder Walker and his comp. to have them sleep in our house for the night!! So that was awesome!! We went over there to go and pick them up, and we took them back to our house, and then Elder Walker and I had a little bit of a division, we went and walked over to Camino Real, to go say goodbye to Familia Chaipul, which was super weird, walking those same streets together, that we walked a year and a half ago together, it sure doesn't feel that long... But then we said goodbye to one of his conversos in Rahue Alto and another member. So it was an awesome day!! Then we had an unexpected visit that night, while I was packing from the familia Gonzolus (Murdered it) from Makarena and Andres and their family!! It was super awesome! They came by to say goodbye to Elder Walker, and to thank us for helping them get to the temple to be sealed as a family!! It was super awesome!! :) 

Wednesday I got on the bus after saying goodbye to Elder Jeppson and Elder Walker at the Bus Station for the last time! Then with Elder Keetch we departed for Valdivia! 

Lets just say Valdivia is HUGE! Not only that, but I have Died of the Heat for the past couple of days... Like will you guys send me some cold down here, and Ill switch ya for some heat for up there?? It is SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT! Hahaha I just sweat like a pig... I know, Attractive right?? ;)

Elder Root, my new companion is a stud!! Ha he is just kinda a little bit of a klutz, so its kinda funny!! But when I met him for the first time, I was talking with a few elders from my group who I hadn't seen for awhile, and he over heard me say I haven't gained any pounds pretty much here... So he wants to make me fat hahahaha its pretty funny, so we have eaten a bunch!! You guys are gonna die when you see the size of the burger today that we ate for lunch!!! 

Ummmm the hardest part other than the heat here?? Well, my companion doesn't know the sector that well, he has been here for 6 weeks, but doesn't know it very well, and so it is pretty hard work... It feels like I am in my 3rd White Wash in a row, and so its kinda hard right now, a little discouraging coming here with hopes of investigators and hearing that there were none... So we just gotta put our heads up and get down to business!! Gonna get more sweaty todo vía so we can work our butts off!! 

Anyways, that's about what I got, the title is this email is all thanks to Grant and Matt a couple of months ago doing the same thing!! ;) 

Thank you all for doing so much for me!! I really appreciate all the Love, Support, Prayers, and everything else!! I Hope that you can all see, feel, and hear the blessings that I have been working hard and praying for you guys to have!! :) 

I Love you all so very much!! 

Trying to make you proud,

Elder Connor Holt

 Ps. Elder Root takes more pictures than me (WHAT?! No.....)

 Robert y su mama Maria (If all worked out right, we helped reactivate her)

Obispo Muños y su Familia

Mamita Lorena and su Familia

My Amazing District Hna. Vega, Hna. Findlay, Hna. Hume, y Hna. Wyatt  E` Lillo, E` Hettinger, E`Jeppson Elder' Holt :)

Familia Coronado el primer consejero

Hno Orlando el Siego

Ximenna, Oscar, y Eduardo a family I hope to help reactivate a little more!! 

Elder Walker and I with Familia Gonzolus

The Last Elder Walker and Elder Holt picture... :(

Elder Jeppson and Elder Holt

The Last Toothbrush...

This is Elder Root

Only this many cambios left...

Yeah check out this Hambuger!!!!

The Rivers of Valdivia!! 

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