Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 80: Hey Mom, I did my Laundry...

Hola todos en el Tierra Bonita de Utah or should I say Lluta?? <--- There is a Street here we found out called this, so you can bet on it that we are gonna go take a picture this week!! 

Anyways how is everything going?? Here in the Beautiful very city like Valdivia, we are doing just Grand!!! Life is Wonderful!! hmmmm where to even start??? 

Well with some stuff from your email first off I believe Mom! :) 

That is definitely help with the "White Wash" comment you made, it has been on and off frustrating this week. Although we have started to find some new people, we had a few great experiences this past week!! 

Orange Shorts Comment So I am just gonna  wave goodbye and hope you never say that one again! ;) You KNOW they're my favs!! Ha but the whole "We have more pictures of you in those shorts than my suit" Comment is probably true as well, but I don't have another pair of shorts here haahaha so that's why! But you KNOW they're my fav!! :) 

I hear this Guardians of the Galaxy is a good show! We'll have to see if there is somewhere we can see this video!! 

Good to know Grandpa is okay, he is always in my prayers!! So hopefully that has helped a little bit as well!! 

Its gonna be very weird to come home to a More "Finished" basement! I remember that is what Brandon was thinking he was gonna come home to!! 

Yeah that dream with Elder _______?? Not a fun one, I haven't had one of those for about a year, I just have the trunky ones now of when I do come home. Not a fan of those after, because they sure make working out in the morning hard (My thinking time) but yeah, still not a fun one you had there mom!

Bueno, creo eso es todo! (Sorry if there are incorrections, this computer/keyboard son poco chantas (Crappy))

So this past week we had a Zone Conference with Presidente Obeso, we had it the first week of the Cambio because we are one of 2 most North Zone in the Mission! Oh my gosh, I don't even know how to start, that man is so CALLED of God to be our President, he has changed so many things here in the Mission, but here is a little secret for those of you who are going to serve a Mission. "Follow the council of your Mission President, and you will have Success." In this conference he taught us that we need to not look with our "Worldly Eyes" or to hear with our "Worldly Ears" but to see and hear with our "Spiritual eyes and ears" so they very next day Elder Root and I did so, and we had TONS of Success!! 

We talked with the wife of a contact as we passed by their street. My companion said, "Let's go over here to this house we contacted", I felt we should pass. So we went there and he was listening all right, because his wife answered and was in a bad state, because this contact was in the hospital, so we comforted her with some scriptures, and in the end she gave us two eggs, from her chickens so we won Spiritual and Temporal blessings!! Hahahaha 

Later that day we were going to a Cita, and my companion once again said that we should go down this other street as we were almost late to our cita, I was kinda doubting, but he said lets just go contact this guy and see what we can get, and so I looked at this guy, and kinda did an earthly judgement, but then changed my thoughts and looked at him in White and ready for Baptism, and we ended up skipping our Cita, because we were there in the street for and hour and a half talking with this guy, and we gave him a Book of Mormon!! It was super sweet!! 

We missed that first cita, and we were now ten minutes late to our last cita of the day, and I felt the spirit we needed to go there, so we went and it was to a guy named Benito who is like 65ish and was Baptized 13ish years ago, and has been inactive ever since, but we got to know him this last week, and we left him some things to do with the Book of Mormon and he did them, and so as we got there on Thursday night, we asked him if he did it, and said yes! He explained it, then showed us he read more! His assignment was to read Moroni 10:3-5 and he told us that it was True, he knew it. So then in the very end I asked him. "Have you Prayed to know?" and he said "Can I pray Now?" You sure know what I told him!! "SURE YOU CAN!" So he did it, and it was the Most. Beautiful. Prayer. I have heard in my entire mission, I mean, it was SO Simple, and it was So Small. but it was so humble and down to earth, it was awesome!! I wanted to hug him after!! I was just smiling when he said Amen, and it was Awesome!!! :) 

So pretty much it has been an awesome week because of that!! But I do have to confess.. I had to do my laundry Mom... It was my first time doing it since the MTC. My G's came out great, but then my shirts came out more yellow than they already were hahahahahahaha and so it was really funny, the Bishops wife, who is the 1st counselor in the RS she told me that she now has it all planned out so that someone can help me! ;) Since I did it so bad... But Something different here in Valdivia is we don't have a Mamita, we eat with a different Member everyday... Which makes me feel I am gonna gain some weight, because now its like a "Sunday Dinner" every lunch. Oh well, its RICO! :) 

My last thought, is Captain Moroni is the Bomb!! My Hero forever!! I have finally made it to the War Chapters!!! I read Alma 48:17-18 this last week which is my FAVORITE scripture and is on my plaque, because I am trying to become a "Real Man" like him. So that is last week's theme, This weeks theme is for you Mom. Alma 56:46-48 and Alma 57:21-22 because "My Mom knows Best!" I Love you!! :)

But it looks like that is about it, I am about out of time today, I Love you so much and thank you for EVERYTHING you do for me!! :) 

Trying to Make you Proud,

Elder Connor Holt

Haahaha If you understand Spanish you will understand why its funny

I got my "Carta Moroni" and I know when I am done...

 Look up this fruit, it is SOOOO good!! "Golden Berry"

This is what I missed last year when I left Camino Real, but its okay, because its here!! 

You know you are gonna have a good day when you start it out with a Beautiful Sunrise and then end it with a Sunset! 

Yeah, I was right, so there are So many more Fleas the more north you go.. This is just my Abs.... Its on my Arms, Legs, Feet, Neck, Back everywhere.. Don't worry I sprayed down my bed this morning!! 

this is something new, a new kinda entertainment in the street we saw today, a 4 man band!! 

Elder Walker and I from day one, that is to compare with last weeks picture of his last picture with me!! 

 "MAN" So I have become a role Model here in the mission it looks like, Elder Root went in to Rio Negro, when I left, and they saw the pictures that I gave to the members and so him and his companion did it too!! How Cool huh?? :)

When you have Icecream, but your companions falls >>> hahahah but they gave him a new one!

Service last Saturday!! (Orange Shorts)

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