Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 78: I gotta Pedicure

Hey guys! How is it goin? I hope that everything is goin well!!
You know what the worst part of Writing is?? I forget about what I want to talk about right now at this moment, every single Monday... Gosh dang it. The other part?? Yeah, I just realized I still haven't even read your guys' email yet... Sorry Mom, last week, I didn't read it until right before I prayed to go to bed. But hey, it made it so I had some good Trunkie dreams! ;) I at least read the first line today, and "NO" I don't need new shoes, I only have 4 cambios left to go, and its gonna start raining soon, so I have some nice boots that I can use! Don't worry!! :)
Hmmmm well, I guess we can start with we had a chance this week to do intercambios with our Zone Leaders, and I was with Elder Powell, he is from my group, so that was lots of fun, to get some good talkin in about everything back in the MTC and what not! Its funny because Elder Rich told me the last cambio that he likes to talk as we go to bed, so I was prepared, and sure enough, he does! ;)
Ummmm more than that? Well.... Well I dunno, this semana wasn't to loco like normal...
On Thursday I had my "Pedicure" because I went to the foot doctor. She clipped my toe nails, cleaned my toe jam, looked at my toe that had like a "Toe Zit" that I popped like 2 months ago and talked to me about that, then sanded my feet, (YAY my feet don't catch on my blankets anymore!!) and then rubbed lotion on and then said I was done. She didn't even tell me the answer or bring up the topic for the reason I went there until I asked her, and all she told me was that if she touched my wart(s) well, that if she tried to take em out it would be painful and bleed. I am okay with that... But oh well, so I dunno what to think about that. I will have to talk to the Mission nurse, you guys can look at the picture and tell me what you think, and then tell me if I should just wait for Dr. Probts or I should try and do something now. So that was fun!!
Next?? Well, ever since we got here, we have passed this little kid, who I think has like... 4-6 years?? Something like that, and every time we pass him, he always waves and yells "HOLA MISIONEROS!!" Its super awesome!! So this last week, I realized that I wanted to go find him and and take a picture with him to remember him, so we talked with his parents yesterday after him yelling at us, and asked if we could take a picture, and they said yes, so this is young Christopher who made me think of Christopher Herbon when I heard that name, hahaha but he is a cool tyke!!
Yesterday in the morning we had the chance to walk with Hno. Orlando to church! It was awesome! We went to his house on Saturday to talk with him about the gospel, he is a member. He is super awesome!! We shared a Mormon Message with him that was awesome!! Because it was perfect for him!! Hno. Orlando is Blind, and we showed him a video... :D It was awesome!! Obviously he just listened to it, but we showed him the video of the blind kid from Hawaii who has the talents to play the piano very well!! Then we talked a lot! But I look up to this guy a lot!! He has a grandson who he takes care of as well, his grandson, can't walk, or really talk, or see. He has a mental disease, and because of this, his dad abandoned him... But the daughter of Orlando still loves her son, and so they take care of him together, I have a lot of Respect for this hermano!!!
Umm just to answer your questions about the suit as well, I just tried some on today, and I think they will be like $100 around that. But I think I have that in my bank still from Christmas no?? But the only thing is, well, I can't buy here, I am just gonna have to buy it in my new sector because I have transfers on Wednesday.... I know I am leaving again. Poor Elder Jeppson, we were just starting to get to the point of where I finally STOPPED calling him Elder Rich. Ha just kidding, I did it twice last night. I have felt so bad I can't even tell you, it started two weeks ago in my District Meeting... I called him Elder Rich like 3 times and everyone laughed every time and I just didn't realize it... Then last night during a prayer with an investigator I did it too.... Poop!! I have felt so bad....
But yes, I am being transferred to my 8th sector with my 13th companion and 8th Gringo! I will be going with an Elder named Elder Root I think, and all day I have only heard the best about him, since everyone knows him and says he is hilarious! So I am stoked!! It was kinda funny, because we definitely didn't want cambios Elder Rich and I, but as I prayed Saturday Night, asking if we were gonna have cambios I received my answer, and sure enough, it happened.... Just another testimony builder that this church is true.
Oh yeah! Before I can finish here, I need to invite you all to click on this link here Hermana Vega showed us this video at the beginning of this Cambio and it is POWERFUL! Then two weeks ago when I was on my intercambio with Elder Hettinger I got it in Spanish, because it came out in Spanish!! Woot!! We have shared it with EVERYONE here in Ovejeria!! Its just Amazing!! So please go and watch it, and then act like the three member examples to help EVERYONE and ANYONE around you! SUPER AMAZING MORMON MESSAGE
Well, that is about all I have... I can't think of anything else... Ummmm I know I am gonna regret not saying something in a couple hours because that always happens to me after I am done emailing, there is ALWAYS something I forgot to say.... Gosh dang it. Well, just gotta wait a good 4 cambios Mom, that's 24 weeks, I am not counting don't worry, just for the photos that you will get next week, nothing more.
Oh yeah! I took a "Mission" picture today!! Sorry Jed and Nate, I didn't think of the States until now, well I guess you could do it hmm... We went to a park that is super cool! They have Elephants (Thailand), I had a Apple Strudel (Germany), I am in Chile and I am from the States!! There I got ALL of our Missions in one from the Family!! :D

I Love you guys so much, thank you for everything that you guys do for me! You are so amazing! and Do so much for me!!
Trying to make you Proud,

Elder Connor Holt

BIG H Fry sauce (THANK YOU)

 Intercambios con Elder Powell

Walkin with Hno.Orlando to church

Our young friend Christopher

A Beautiful Sunset from last night! 

Well This is the "Mission" Picture

Elder Sandstrom, from West High, got Chilean Haircuts today! (Good thing my District has been giving me pàlos all week!)

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